Snowsuits have come a long way since Randy’s slug imitation in A Christmas Story. Today’s kid demands warmth and comfort — and the ability to move. And, in some cases, superhuman powers to help them take on the task of protecting their snow fortresses. Or, getting up after a fall.

This season, the officially licensed Marvel and DC offerings from include jackets and pants to transform your super kid into their favorite superhero.

The collection includes the best of the best — you know, Superman, Incredible Hulk, Thor. And while some of the jackets are great for waiting at the bus stop, others have more ski-specific features, like wrist gauntlets, detachable hoods, and ski pass pockets. But the fun is in the details: bat ears and wings, or the realistic muscles built into Iron Man’s suit.

I’m pretty sure even Tony Stark would approve.

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This Batman Dark Knight snow jacket at is the cutest.

Get ready to battle the storm in this Incredible Hulk puffer jacket from

Iron Man Snow Jacket and Snow Pants at is fun for all ages.

Everything is available in kid sizes 4 to 14, and prices range from $69.99 to $124.99, which is pretty reasonable if this is going to be your kid’s everyday winter wear.

My only complaint: Where are the girls? I’d love to see a little girl going all She-Hulk in the snow, or even Wonder Woman with a tiara on the hood. Personally, I’d rock that Iron Man suit just like Pepper Potts. (Psst…Yes, they do have a few of these available for adults too.)

You can find these cool superhero snowsuits for kids (or, um, adults) at