If you’re a parent of a new baby, you’ll soon find that many experienced moms and grandmothers on the street will stop and tell you: You have to put a hat on your baby during cold winter weather! Some will even suggest you dress your babies this way in spring and fall, and on cooler summer nights too.

And this season, I am loving the animal-themed winter hats for babies that’ll make them look stylish and keep them warm all winter. Or, anytime, really.

From unicorns horns to long bunny ears, here are some adorable animal winter hats for babies you won’t want to miss.

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At top: Cat hat by Elliefunday

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Adorable animal winter hats for babies: Fleece teddy hat at Mini Boden

Many of the hats we’ve found this year are knit, but I love this fleece teddy hat at Mini Boden, especially if you live in a colder climate. The double-layer of fleece makes it one of the warmest hats we’ve found, and the tiny teddy ears make it one of the cutest. Plus, who can resist snuggling a baby teddy?

Adorable animal winter hats for babies: Lion hat by Stella McCartney

I can’t quite imagine that I’d find myself spending $75 on a winter hat for my littlest one, who will likely outgrow it next year, but if that doesn’t faze you, then take a look at this super adorable Chips Lion Hat by Stella McCartney at Little Fawn Shoppe. Because, it’s on sale right now for $52.

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Adorable animal hats for babies: Oeuf is 100% alpaca wool and 100% awesome.

We shared some adorable knit animal hats at Ouef earlier this year, and we couldn’t resist sharing this one again. Because, unicorns! The cuteness is too much to handle, but with these on sale right now, the prices aren’t.

Adorable animal hats for babies: Navy hat at H&M with bear ears

You can tone down the animal theme with this cute, simple, super affordable bear ears hat at H&M. This one is subtle, so your child won’t always look like they’re playing dress up.

Winter hats for babies: Yoda hat at Sew Yarn Adorable's Etsy shop

Okay, so maybe we’re fudging this one a bit here. But this Yoda hat from Etsy shop Sew Yarn Adorable is perfect for young padawans whose parents live by the force. (And don’t miss their C3PO hats either. They’re pretty awesome too.)

Adorable animal winter hats for babies: Bunny hat by Elliefunday

Since babies love to take their hats off almost as much as their socks, a bonnet-style hat is a great way to cover their ears and keep the hat on. The quality of the fabric and craftsmanship of this gorgeous Bunny Bonnet from Elliefunday (or, the cat version at very top) — which is hand-sewn by marginalized women in India, giving them a sustainable wage — will make this one a treasured item around my house. Since it is lighter weight, it’s probably best for families in milder climates. But if you’re looking for a baby hat you can give as a gift, this is a gorgeous one.

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Adorable animal winter hats for babies: the Fantastic Mr. Fox hat at Mini Boden

We were so excited when Mini Boden launched their creative and quirky Roald Dahl collection earlier this year, and there are still some amazing Mr. Fox hats (from The Fantastic Mr. Fox) left — and on sale! You’ve got to love those furry ears.

Adorable animal winter hats for babies: Cotton Double-Ball Beanie at Little Knot Head

Beanies for babies can be shockingly expensive, which is why I love this sweet cotton beanie with pom poms on sale for $8.99 at Little Knot Heads. Love the ivory-color one, which looks like a little polar bear to me. But this beanie comes in a bunch of other colors, too, including dark brown, if brown bears are more your thing.

Thanks to Oeuf and Noble Carriage for sending us review samples.