I admit I am very skeptical of subscription boxes of clothing like Stitchfix (we published a terrific, brutally honest she said/she said post on it that’s worth a read) since I have very particular tastes and I tend to know what shapes I can wear and what I can’t. So, no surprise, my kids also have very particular tastes and I have had yet to try one of the new trends in boxes of clothing for kids — until Rockets of Awesome, which was founded by former Cricket’s Circle CEO and mom, Rachel Blumenthal.

Mamas? I am a total convert.

They sent me a credit to create a box for my daughter and we spent a little time filling out a fun quiz to specify her style (edgy, theatrical, urban, adventurous), her size (skinny for her age), her favorite colors (black) — even colors or items she absolutely won’t wear (yellow, orange, ruffles).

They also have styles that are more feminine, sporty, or classic, and handle both boys and girls, sizes 2–14.

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Rockets of Awesome: Kids clothing subscription box customized for your kid's own tastes


Kids clothing subscription box from Rockets of Awesome: Really tailored to your kid's specific tastes

From their blog, I like these examples of kids’ clothing boxes tailored to individual style.


Soon after, you can expect a box of 12 items, four times a year, filled with items just for your kid’s tastes. Keep what you want, send back what you don’t — at no charge.

I honestly cannot believe I am writing these words: We kept all 12 items.

The beautifully packaged box came with even more beautiful items like patterned leggings, some funky tops, a flashy sequined skirt she wants to sleep in (no), a few stylish but simple basics, and one dress with a drop waist that she was iffy on — but made it her own with a belt and now she loves it.

Rockets of Awesome clothing subscription box for kids: it truly is awesome!

Our first box: Beloved!

I instantly became a subscriber, ordering a second box for winter, to see if they scored And… yes, they did.

This time, the only thing we sent back was a metallic silver bomber jacket that we actually might have kept if it didn’t have the brand name on the back.

We also traded in one gorgeous pink top that I couldn’t convince her to keep, plus a little collection of iron-on patches and pins that I thought were a bit spendy. But again? I’d call my second box another win. It even came with a soft, indigo blue hoodie she basically never takes off.

I also like that they’re starting to do collabs with brands like Little Lux, School of Rock, and our friends at Tattly.

As for the prices, they’re actually cheaper than Gap though the quality to me feels more J Crew. Leggings are about $16, tees start at $12, fancy tops are around $28, and nothing is more than about $36.

It seems like the company essentially designs some basic contemporary pieces in a seasonal capsule collection, then produces them in multiple colors and prints to change up the service. So smart, especially for those of you parents who dread the words “store fitting room” when it comes to your kids.

Join Rockets of Awesome through this referral link and you’ll get a free item of your choice with your first purchase! Plus you’ll get your own link to share with friends, and if they order, you’ll get another free goodie too.