Trying to get your toddler to quit squirming long enough for you to wriggle on a pair of mittens is basically a parenting rite of passage. One much easier said than done. Which is why I’m so impressed with the lightweight kids’ fleece pullover with mittens attached I tried out from the new-ish parent-run business EtS Apparel.

Because these waterproof mittens zip on at the wrists, getting them on is as easy as putting on a shirt.

Okay, so it’s still somewhat of a challenge. But I’ll take an innovation that makes it even a little easier for me.

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Beat the winter cold with Cubbies fleece pullovers with mittens attached. Brilliant!

I’ve actually seen a few variations on this theme over time, like jackets with mittens that snap on,  but none have worked as well as these Cubbies shirts.

Their zipper attachment ensures that the gloves will actually stay attached to the shirt, with minimal snow seeping through at their wrists. Which also means less risk of massive toddler meltdowns during snowman building.

When you come in from the cold, you have the ability to just zip the mittens off so kids can keep on playing without having to remove the fleece. Although in my experience, reattaching the mitts can be a bit tricky, especially if your child isn’t in the mood. So you might want to take the shirt off your child to zip the mitts back on anyway.

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The sample I received for review consideration was true to size, but if your child skews even slightly large, I’d suggest going up a size to get that extra stretch they might need to feel comfortable when the mittens are attached.

Alright, polar vortex, bring it. We got this.

You can find EtS Apparel’s Cubbies shirts with attached mittens for $38, in pink or blue, at their website. More colors, please!