If your kids are anything like mine, there’s a good chance they may¬†not recognize the name Keith Haring in the same way they might, say,¬†Stan Lee or Matt Groening. After all, Haring¬†was making his most major marks in the art world¬†way back in the ’80s. You know, a time in ancient history during which, according to my 6-year-old son, I must have had to walk¬†to school because cars hadn’t been¬†invented yet.

But even though the artist’s¬†name might not yet ring a bell in those growing brains,¬†his art will, all thanks to this cool¬†Keith Haring wooden Stencil Set.

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The artfully made Keith Haring wooden stencil kit. For artfully made kids.

The¬†set is made by Vilac, a French company that has perfected producing high-quality wooden toys and playthings since 1911. Yep, that¬†means that the 5 stencil¬†sheets in this kit featuring¬†Haring’s unique designs are, essentially,¬†retro in a whole other way: They’re made with good old-fashioned wood.

With this kit, which also conveniently includes some colored pencils, Haring’s iconic drawings can come to life under the direction of small but capable¬†hands. I love that it teaches kids about creativity, and even a few things about art history, too, which they will¬†surely¬†come to realize isn’t so ancient after all.

The Keith Haring Wooden Stencil Set is available at our affiliate Amazon, or find it at Bonjour Petit, the Guggenheim Store, and the Keith Haring Pop Shop.