Our Facebook fans pretty much went nuts discussing (okay, debating) our thorough, honest review of THINX Period Underwear this past year, and now the woman-run period innovation company is back with the upcoming launch RETA, the first reusable tampon applicator.


Reusable. Tampon applicator.

And hey, why not?

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Whether it grosses you out or seems like one more smart step toward ending menstruation squeamishness while helping you save money and be kinder to the earth, it is a pretty fascinating concept. Especially considering the medical grade silicone will likely be way more comfy than any of the estimated 7  billion plastic applicators that end up polluting landfills each year. To say nothing of the cardboard ones. (Eep.)

Now this is not an issue that’s plagued me personally, since I’ve been an applicator-free tampon girl my entire adult life and a very happy one at that. I’m perfectly comfortable using the totally cost-free and eco-friendly fingers that we all own and happen to work quite nicely as God-given tampon insertion devices, if I do say so.

However I know a lot of girls and women don’t share this view. Which is why I can see where the RETA reusable tampon applicator coupled with the new Thinx 100% organic tampons might offer a good, light-green option that beats a plastic applicator, but isn’t full-on menstrual cup.

The THINX reusable tampon applicator YouTube video gives you a little more info but it’s basically what you’d think it is, all in a handy little case you can just keep in your purse.

Now if this reusable tampon applicator hits big, I could see where it would start to make traditional applicators feel like relics from another, less eco-conscious time. Like coffee pods or styrofoam cups.

On the other hand, the one thing more eco-friendly than a reusable applicator is using no applicator at all. And if you’re going to be washing the applicator out after inserting it, I can’t see why you wouldn’t just wash your hands and skip the extra step.

But, no judgments — I know it’s a personal preference. Especially for younger women who are just getting to know their bodies, I could see this being a terrific option.

I also love that products aside, this company’s heart is in the right place when it comes to eliminating the stigma of saying words like vagina and menstruation and period, let alone having each of these things.

Later for you “Aunt Flo.”

Preorder the RETA reusable tampon applicator from Thinx on their website. Scheduled ship date is March, 2017.

Would you use one? Let us know what you think!