Our friend Christine Koh, she of the wonderful gold personalized unicorn tee (featured as one of our favorite cool birthday gifts for tweens and tweens) is at it again. Her shop, which features beautifully designed advocacy tees each supporting an excellent cause, now has two new designs with 20% of the proceeds going to one of our favorite orgs, the ACLU Nationwide.

Check out the shop for the fierce Rise Up tee and the gold stamped Equality tee, both of which I love so much…well, considering the cause, the designs themselves, and the opportunity to support an indie maker mom with my purchase, I am very likely to buy both right now.

I may just toss in a couple of XS tees for my kids, as well.


Check out the selection of advocacy tees at the Brave New World Designs Etsy shop supporting organizations including the American Civil Liberties Union, The Southern Poverty Law Center, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. And of course you can always donate to those orgs directly, because they really need our help right now!

Also be sure to check the I Love Science tee supporting 350.org, which we just named this week as one of the 71 best science and climate accounts to follow on Twitter.