Each year, we love digging up a collection of seriously funny Valentine’s Day cards.

Because hey, not all couples are rom-com watchers and lovey-dovey card givers. If that sounds like you, check out these funny Valentine’s Day cards I think are hysterically honest, maybe a bit racy, and of course, a perfect way for couples with a great sense of humor to show their love.

Or at least, for couples in love to show their sense of humor. Because funny is sexy in my book.


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Funny Valentine's Day cards: I Shaved My Legs card by Kat French Designs

Show your sweetheart just how much you love him with this I Shaved My Legs Just For You, Lucky Fella funny Valentine’s Day card. Because, it’s winter. The effort is real and you know it. ($4.50, Kat French Designs)


Funny Valentine's Day cards: Bowchikkawowow Valentine's Day Card from Goodness

A funny Venn Diagram Valentine’s Day Card depicts just what happens when you get together. Or, if you’re a parent, when the stars align, the kids are sleeping, you’re not exhausted, and conditions are perfect. Cue the Barry White mix! ($5, Goodness)


Funny Valentine's Day cards: Stranger Things by MAJIKATZ

The perfect option for you science-fiction horror lovers, Stranger Things Valentine’s Day card is oh so awesome — kind of like Winona Ryder’s facial expressions during the SAG Awards. ($4.94, MAJIKATZ)


Funny Valentine's Day cards: Blanket Stealer by Sioux Alice on Etsy

Love this funny Valentine’s Day card, perfect for blanket stealers. It’s hilarious, because it’s true.   ($3, Sioux Alice)


Funny Valentine's Day card: Obligatory Card by Cypress Card Co. on Etsy

For those who don’t really care about Valentine’s Day — but feel like you should, ya know, do something for your sweetheart– may I present The Obligatory Valentine’s Day Card. You’re welcome. ($4.50, Cypress Card Co.)


Funny Valentine's Day cards: Hamilton inspired King George III by Jamie Fevre on Etsy

Hamilton fans will know this King George III Valentines Day card is like “Awesome, Wow!” ($1.25, Jamie Fevre)


Funny Valentine's Day cards: Roses Are Red by Row House 14

Okay, so we don’t normally go for fart joke cards but this Roses Are Red VAlentine’s Card had us at “…but I still love you.” ($4.50, Row House 14)


Funny Valentine's Day cards: Bad morning breath card by Wonderflies on Etsy

True love is admitting that morning breath isn’t sexy and never will be. The funny bad breath Valentines Day card is all about hard truths. ($4.25, Wonderflies)


Funny Valentine's Day cards: Witty cards from Knotty Cards on Etsy

Literary lovers and feminists alike will dig this “You look good from behind… a book” Valentine’s Day card. ($4.50, Knotty Cards)


Funny Valentine's Day card: Let's Screw by Paper Source

When you don’t like to mince words, the uh, keep-it-out-of-site-from-the-kids Let’s Screw Valentine’s Day card does the trick. ($5.95, Paper Source)


Funny Valentine's Day cards: Racy card by Emily McDowell Studio

Of course, if you want to get right to the point, but with a little more class, I love this funny Valentine’s Day card from Emily McDowell, who always has the knack for getting inside our brains. ($4.50, Emily McDowell Studio)


Funny Valentine's Day cards: I'm Not Sick Of You by Wit & Wander

Finally, for those couples who have been together for long, long while, the I’m Not Sick of You Yet Valentine’s Day Card says “I love you” in the most non-sappy way. ($3.50 digital download, Wit & Wander)

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