When my kids were little, their book collections were small and manageable. But as they grew, so did the mounds of books. It wasn’t long before their libraries turned into massive piles that made it challenging to find the one book they needed right-this-very-second. Sound familiar?

But there are so many creative solutions for getting your kids’ books off the floor. I love these 5 easy DIY kids’ books organization ideas because they can easily be pulled off in less than a weekend — like, say, when you’re snowed in?

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1. Repurpose kitchenware.

Kids' books organization: IKEA spice rack shelves by The Sweetest Digs

A little sandpaper and white spray paint is all The Sweetest Digs needed to turn inexpensive IKEA spice racks into little book shelves for little books. Easy peasy and super cute.


2. Stick books to wall magnets.

Kids' books organization: magnetic book strips by Juniper Books

Juniper Books came up with this smart idea of a magnetic bookshelf for kids’ books, using strips of metal adhered to wood and small magnets on the back of the books. (Guessing this idea works well with books that are mini; less so with tomes like Harry Potter. And make sure the magnets are kid-safe too.) It looks fairly easy to pull off, if you’re the handy type and good with tools, but the company can make custom versions for you if you’re not into tackling it on your own.


3. Make the most of toys you already have at home.

Kids' books organization: Radio Flyer Book Shelf by Real Life, One Day at a Time

I’m personally so inspired by this idea from Real Life, One Day at a Time — all you need is an unused pull-along wagon to make a moveable bookshelf. This might work best for the kid who won’t go careening around the house. But what a great idea for a playroom or bedroom. You could even put a little door stopper under the wheels if you love the look but don’t want this to be mobile.


4. Use an old suitcase for storage.

Kids' books organization: old suitcases make great storage spaces

When I lived in New York City, in an apartment the size of a Post-it, I learned to use every inch of space — and suitcases were prime real estate. Which is why I think the idea of using a suitcase for storing books is genius! (I love the idea of lining luggage or using vintage suitcases — so pretty!). Stash the suitcase somewhere that’s out of the way, but easy to access, so your kids can find their favorites fast.

5. Sew a sling.

Kids' books organization: Sew-them-yourself slings -- like this beauty by Penny Carnival.

Using curtain rods and a fun fabric, Penny Carnival’s step-by-step instructions will guide you in making cute and sturdy slings that help keep bedtime books within reach. You can get creative with fabrics that will also give your walls a pop of pretty color.


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