This fierce, courageous action figure does something pretty amazing: She helps kids fight the toughest battle of their lives.

For each Courage Core Power action figure purchased, one is donated to a child affected by cancer who could use a little courage. That’s her real super power.

But she can also run, stand, and sit on a My Little Pony without it getting awkward, thanks to 30 points of articulation. And we like her rad accessories — check out that flaming energy sword and her awesome courage shield — and the fact that she has the body of a fit, strong woman (no crazy proportions here).

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The Courage Core Power action figure helps kids with cancer.

While we love the entire I Am Elemental line of Courage and Wisdom figures, which we also included in our round-up of gifts for empowered girls, right now we’re feeling a little biased toward this Courage Core Power action figure for all the good she does in the world.

You can find this awesomely courageous action figure at I Am Elemental.


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