here are a few things we’ve been reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too.


For Women’s History Month, love all the amazing artwork honoring women heroes in film, art, science, and history from Etsy artist The Film Artist.

However you participated in International Women’s Day, here are 11 fantastic ideas that you can put to use every day, any day to help raise up other women.

The invisible work of women feeding their families.

The Fearless Girl statue that lit up the internet this week.


Brittany Packnett writes a beautiful Twitter thread about personal integrity and learning from failures.

A graphic novel trilogy all about inspirational women

12 podcasts to help mom business owners + entrepreneurs.

The new Feminist Baby board book has us giggling.

Ciara sits for a nude maternity shoot, internet explodes. What else is new.

Love these incredible photos of girls around the globe going to school.


Jessica Shyba introduces baby Demi who likes to sleep with Theo (and her sister too) | Mommas Gone City

Can’t stop looking at all the IG photos from our friend Jessica Shyba of Mommas Gone City who just introduced baby Demi to the world — and she likes to sleep with Theo, too. | photo © Jessica Shyba

At Baby Rabies, great tips from now fourth-time (!) mom Jill Krause about fighting the first semester frump to feel better about yourself.

The weekly meal plan ideas at Cool Mom Eats look fantastic this week.

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A handy guide to all those InstaPot buttons.

Real life Powerpuff Girls? Very cute idea!

DIY Unicorn Sparkle Wands at Mom Spark

So fun: These DIY sparkle unicorn wands at MomSpark. Make an extra one just for you.

Love this kids’ t-shirt, which we did not expect to see in the boy’s department of a major retailer.

The world’s simplest thing you can do to make your child laugh. Adorable!

At Geek Dad, nice list of books to help kids identify emotions.

New stats on the number of characters of color featured in children’s books. Progress…but  not enough.

Pun-loving kids will love this video of pun tips from a pun champion. (Who knew there was a championship?)

Kids are doing WHAT with hand sanitizer? Just, no.

Why growing antibiotic resistance in kids is a huge deal.

Congress debates — and we wish we were joking — why men with insurance should have to “pay for” women’s prenatal care.