Not all of us moms are so genetically blessed as to fit into our skinny jeans two weeks postpartum — let alone thick-skinned enough to “love ourselves as we are” all the time.

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So bless those awesome celebrity moms — and dads! — who are willing to show us the truth about parenting, so that we can all feel a little better about our bad days, our toddler tantrums, and yeah, our cellulite.

Top photo: Kelly Clarkson on Instagram


A talented, empowered, inspiring mama who’s willing not just to share an unretouched postpartum photo — but some actual numbers from the scale? Give the woman a standing O.


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she is loving this bailey's!

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Yes she’s a genetically blessed supermodel, and she looks good even when she doesn’t (which is never), but her honesty and trademark humor about parenting gives us life — like this hilarious jab at sanctimommies.


Her feed is filled with so many more photos than just the standard celeb “I look awesome all made-up for this fancy event” selfies — including this hilarious takedown of a great product…that happened to use an unrealistic model in its ad. She speaks for so many of us!



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Oh no…

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Hard to resist a dad who isn’t afraid of giving his kid a cupcake (or two) and photographing the consequences. No retouching here.


Neil is clearly smitten with every single aspect of fatherhood, probably because he’s still a kid at heart himself. His Instagram feed is so full of love for his twins, who are so fabulously, lovably real (if always meticulously dressed) that we actually miss his photos if NPH hasn’t posted for a bit.


Considering how wonderfully real Anna is about motherhood on social media (this tweet is also a classic) — not to mention husband Chris Pratt (maybe you’ve heard of him?), is one cool family we’d totally be okay to have over for playdates.


Celebrity kids: They trash hotel rooms just like ours! And….cry on Santa’s lap, as in the photo at top. Thank you so so much Kelly, for showing mom life as it is, and not as we all wish it would be.


I met Holly ages ago when she spoke about Autism awareness, and she’s just as honest and real as you’d think. Her advocacy and candid portrayal of her own journey as a mom to a son with special needs has made her an icon among so many of us.

I absolutely love her feed because like Neil Patrick Harris, it’s absolutely clear that her kids are such a huge part of her life and she just loves having fun with them.


Leave it to a songwriter to craft exquisite paeans to her family life all over her IG feed. Love seeing her family getting crafty like ours do — and feeling her love for them from behind the lens.