As you may be well aware, women continue to have to fight for equal pay and equal rights, but there is great strength in numbers, as the Women’s March on Washington has shown us. When we work together, our power is great.

That’s why I was so happy to see the new indie Etsy shop Damsel in Success.

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The fierce brand was created by two women working in male dominated fields who wanted to send a positive message to themselves and women everywhere — that although women are amazing and strong as individuals, they’re even stronger together. #TRUTH!

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Damsel in Success Etsy shop: supporting women and a #strongertogether message.

Their goal? To create a network of women supporting other women, in workplaces where women are woefully underrepresented and at home too. That includes working moms, stay-at-home moms, grandmas, kids — the whole tribe!

And as much as we dig the cool brand, we really love that a portion of the proceeds goes to organizations like Planned Parenthood that support women in need.

Check out the fierce merch at the Damsel in Success Etsy shop supporting women and the organizations that help them most.