Yesterday was Equal Pay Day which feels kind of empowering while it’s happening — and then honestly a little depressing the day after it’s over.

Like, who’s still fighting for us?

You may already be aware that the gender pay disparity disproportionately impacts working mothers. While white mothers make an average of 71 cents for every dollar white males make, African-American and Hispanic mothers make even less than their male counterparts.

Honestly, it’s shameful.


Which is why we are loving a brand new campaign Mom Up America.

Launched by The Mom Project, a digital platform that helps connect working women –particularly mothers — with excellent, often flexible work opportunities, you can check out their clever video below which explains Mom Up America.

The crux of the initiative is a tool to help you locate your local elected representatives to help drive them to action.

That’s all the time, not just April 4.

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There are some other great Equal Pay Day campaigns raising awareness about the unfair gender pay gap, such as #20percentCounts. But what I love about this particular campaign is the focus on working mothers.

So check out the campaign, then tell your representatives to #MomUpAmerica!

When all mothers earn fair wages, it helps lift up every family.

Check out the excellent work of The Mom Project, and follow the Mom Up America initiative on social media with hashtag #MomUpAmerica