The brand new children’s book, Atlas of Miniature Adventures is the most charming, wonderful, travel-meets-trivia book. Author Emily Hawkins and illustrator Lucy Letherland sure know how get even the most cynical, “can’t we just stay on the couch and play video games?” couch potato excited to explore the world.

(If only via Google.)

The colorful, engaging pages take us across all 7 continents, with descriptions of fabulous adventures and natural treasures — but the catch is, they’re all in miniature.


The Atlas of Miniature Adventures: 7 continents of amazing destinations to explore

The world's smallest frog: One of the wonderful destinations in the Atlas of Miniature Adventures

You’ll find short descriptions of diverse destinations, both natural and manmade, including the exquisite 1930 fairy castle dollhouse in Chicago’s Museum of Art, Science and Industry; the world’s smallest hummingbirds that reside in Cuba’s forests, making nests the size of thimbles; the nearly hundred-year-old Omiya Bonsai Village outside Tokyo; and a South Korea Teddy Bear Museum featuring one little guy who’s just 4.5 mm tall.

That’s less than a quarter-inch, for the metrically-challenged.

The Omiya Bonsai Village: one of dozens of small-scale wonders to explore in the Atlas of Miniature Adventures

However the page that stole my heart is a depiction of Holland’s Madurodam, a massive miniature village — and that is not an oxymoron.

I fell in love this remarkable fantasy land on a trip to Holland when I was in third-grade myself and wow, how I’d love to share it with my own girls today. I’m so grateful to the book for jarring those memories, and for giving me another destination to add to my Vacations To Save Up For list.

Find the Atlas of Miniature Adventures from our affiliate Amazon or your local indie bookseller. Also check out the authors’ original Atlas of Adventure and Atlas of Animal Adventure. You’ll want them all!