NPR is the only thing I ever listen to in my car — unless my kids want to hear “It’s Raining Tacos.” On repeat. (Because of course not every episode of Spawned is entire kid-safe.) So I was absolutely stoked when I heard that next week, May 15, NPR is going to release a podcast for kids ages 5 to 12 that highlights the wonders of science, technology, discovery, and inventions.

Stunningly, this is the first-ever children’s program in NPR’s 47-year history. I don’t know how that’s possible, but I have a feeling this podcast will be worth the wait.

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My favorite NPR host Guy Raz is teaming up with Cool Mom Picks’ friend, SiriusXM’s Mindy Thomas (who you probably know from Kids Place Live) for Wow in the World, which will focus on the most interesting kid-friendly science and news stories of the week, tackling topics like dinosaurs, animals, technology, and human origins.

The podcast is geared toward children, but with the hope they’ll listen with their parents to inspire cool and meaningful conversation.

Wow in the World podcast for kids on NPR

I’m aware that my incredibly curious kids love to dive head-first into the whys and hows of just about everything. And it’s hard to find information sources out there that appeal to both children and adults, but this podcast sounds like it’s going to fit the bill.

And I’m especially happy that it provides a screen-free way for them to get the information they crave.

Every episode of Wow in the World will begin with a series of questions that introduces kids to a cool new scientific discovery or finding. And, of course, Guy and Mindy have promised to tackle every subject with humor.


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This way, we all can finally understand the one thing we’ve never quite figured out: “How do astronauts poop in space?”

Wow in the World can be downloaded wherever podcasts are available including, Apple Podcasts, and at