If you want a way to keep track of your child’s health and well-being in real time, meet Kiddo, a new wearable health tracker designed to do just that.

This wearable gadget gives you real-time insights about your kid’s well-being, including health status, activity, stress levels, even daily sleep quality, with the goal of helping families make better, healthier choices.

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Using 4-in-1 sensor technology, the Kiddo measures vital bio-signs, including skin temperature, heart rate, skin perspiration and motion, all in one cute, kid-sized wearable wristband. It’s water-resistant and non-allergenic too.

Using geo-fencing capability, it even can notify parents if your child wanders off.

Thanks to the corresponding app, parents can easily check their child’s health data any time, helping you gain better insight into their habits.

When parents have the tools to make more informed choices around kids’ health and wellness, hopefully the world will have a lot more happier, healthier kids in it.

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