If you’re like me, you’re currently scrambling to find ways to keep your kids occupied — and better, still learning — during summer when school’s out. That’s where our newest sponsor The Great Courses Plus comes in. They turn¬†screen time into educational time, offering¬†unlimited courses on topics from science and history, to music and art, and pretty much everything in between.

Plus, the video courses can be streamed from any device, anywhere you are. Because you know, kids and devices.

Whether you want to start yoga, learn a language, or brush up on your chess skills, there are so many course options right now, with tons¬†more added each¬†month. So I’ve put together five video lectures¬†from The Great Courses Plus that I know my tween¬†would love. And hopefully yours will too.

Of course, there are tons more that are great for adults too. It would even be great to take them together with your kids, for some educational family bonding¬†time that doesn’t feel like work at all.

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Learn to Play Guitar

The Great Courses Plus: Learn to Play Guitar | Sponsor

My 12-year-old taught herself how to play ukulele, which is why I’m betting this Learn to Play Guitar series with Professor Colin McAllister would be a huge hit with her too. And honestly, I would¬†love to check out a video or two myself to brush up on my own skills.


The Inexplicable Universe: Unsolved Mysteries

The Great Courses Plus: Unexplicable Universe with Neil DeGrasse Tyson | Sponsor

My daughter loves space so much, she wants to be an astronomer. So I know she’d be totally into¬†hearing Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson (the one and only!) discuss¬†the facts we know, and don’t know, about our universe.

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Fundamentals of Photography

The Great Courses Plus: Photography | Sponsor

Thanks to smartphone cameras,¬†pretty much every tween and teen¬†is an amateur photographer. The ability to snap awesome photos is a fantastic skill to hone, and this video offers¬†tips from award-winning National Geographic photographer and professor, Joel Sartore. My tween would be¬†thrilled to up¬†her Instagram game — and hey, so would I.


Alexander Hamilton’s Republic

The Great Courses Plus: Alexander Hamilton's Republic | Sponsor

Calling all Hamilton fans! (Hey, isn’t that everyone these days?) Here, Gettysburg College professor and their Director of Civil Wars Era Program Allen C. Guelzo brings to life¬†everyone’s favorite orphan-turned-founding-father. He helps viewers¬†explore¬†key moments in United States history during Hamilton’s lifetime, which is such a¬†cool way to expand on kids’ interest in history that’s been sparked by the Hamilton musical.


Modern Acting Technique

The Great Courses Plus: Modern Acting Technique Class | Sponsor

Even though my daughter isn’t an actress, I bet she’d be into the video¬†lectures from professional theater director, performance coach, college professor and Kennedy Center award-winner Melanie M. Long. They’re¬†wonderful resources¬†for anyone who wants to build confidence and improve their presence when it comes to¬†public speaking. (Or you know, Broadway acting.)¬†With my daughter heading to high school in a year, I¬†have no doubt these are¬†invaluable life skills¬†for her to learn, and the sooner the better.

Special offer for Cool Mom Picks readers: Get a free month trial of The Great Courses Plus AND 50% off for the following 2 months at $9.99 using promo code COOLMOM.

Thanks to our sponsor The Great Courses Plus for making it so much easier — and more affordable — to keep our kids learning¬†over the summer. And hey, we parents can always¬†use an easy way to learn some new skills too.¬†