In light of last year’s big launch of the curvy Barbie dolls in three curvalicious body types, Mattel is following suit with a whole new series of next gen Ken dolls, A.K.A. “The Fashionistas.”

Let’s just say, they’ve come a long, long way from the pale, scrawny original Ken doll of the early 60’s, let alone the vapid Valley Dude looking Ken doll of my youth who always appeared ready to burst into Jessie’s Girl at the drop of a hat.

The 15 new Ken dolls come in 3 different body shapes (all of which look good in slim-fit trousers, evidently) and appropriately 2017 boy band hair styles — man bun! cornrows! — to go with a variety of new skin tones. And I’d say that’s the best part. Because girls who play with the dolls to go with their Barbies are probably going to be less concerned with the size of Ken’s muscles than, say…adult male collectors.

And I do have to point out each of their perfectly groomed eyebrows. Impressive.

Threading? Waxing? I couldn’t say for sure.

Next Gen Ken dolls new from Mattel offer 15 dolls in different skin tones, hair styles and body types |

I applaud Mattel for working hard to keep up with the times and reflect the multicultural world that we’re living, so all Barbie-loving kids can see their dads, brothers, teachers, and male classmates reflected back at them through creative play.

Though I do have to admit the names of the new Ken dolls crack me up. “Chill in Check,” “Hyped on Stripes” and “Camo Comeback” each sound about 1-degree away from Essy nail polish colors.

Find some of the new next gen Ken dolls online at Mattel, or in shops near you starting today; the full collection of 15 new Ken dolls will be on Mattel’s website starting July 9. Grab them before the scalpers do.