I’d be willing to bet money that you’ve probably heard about Marie Kondo’s uber best-selling book The life-changing magic of tidying up, aka The Konmari Method. But now, the author has launched a new version of her book to make it even more appealing to read. That’s because it’s now a manga graphic novel.

Considering I’ve got a manga-loving teen in my home who could use some major organizational help that’s not in the form of her mother nagging her (hi honey!), we actually pre-ordered The life-changing manga of tidying up and let’s just say it has not disappointed. She grabbed it, ran upstairs, and immediately started organizing her room. Not kidding.

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A review of The life-changing manga of tidying up by Marie Kondo | Cool Mom Picks

Unlike the original bestseller, this version shares all her ground-breaking organizational tips in story form, with Kondo agreeing to take on a new client named Chiaki, a young woman in Tokyo who lives in a very cluttered apartment. As the story unfolds, through illustrations and storytelling — SPOILER ALERT — Chiaki is able to declutter her home and her life. Cue angels singing.

Now, just because it’s a manga graphic novel doesn’t necessarily mean it’s aimed at kids. My daughter is a mature 13 and has been wanting to clean up her room so she can get a lizard (Don’t ask. Send help). I’d say if you’ve got a teen or young adult who could use some decluttering assistance and they won’t listen to you, this could work.

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But, really, it’s just great for us parents (and grown-ups), who don’t have a ton of time to read an organization book but could really use the help. This version makes it much more interesting and dare I say, fun. Remember that?

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