Graphic artists Tupera Tupera are known for pushing boundaries with their cheeky, irreverent books. I mean, have you seen their Japanese-language book about poop for kids? Well, their newest board book is a winner too, though it might be moms who are more interested in poring over the pages.

What Does Baby Want? is all about breastfeeding, and while it celebrates this new-mom experience, it definitely does it in a…slightly more realistic than romanticized way.

In other words, if you have a friend with a great sense of humor, it will garner huge laughs at her baby shower, guaranteed.

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The wonderful breastfeeding board book: What Does Baby Want? by Tupera Tupera makes a hilarious baby shower gift |

The hilarious breastfeeding book you won't want to miss: What Does Baby Want? by Tupera Tupera |

Baby doesn't want a toy, he wants to EAT in this funny breastfeeding board book for kids | What Does Baby Want? by Tupera Tupera

The baby in the book is sad and getting even more so by the page. He doesn’t want his ball or his tambourine…you can probably see where this is going, right?

Yep, he’s hungry. Which is where you realize that the book is shaped like a pair of boobs.

This hilarious breastfeeding board book by Tupera Tupera wins baby shower gift of the year! |


Moms have been finding this surprise two-page spread wonderfully funny. Older siblings are finding it educational — or embarrassing. Take your pick.

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As for me, I think it’s awesome. Hey, maybe a cheeky kids’ book is what it takes to help breastfeeding to become even more normalized and accepted, one family at a time.

You can find the breastfeeding board book What Does Baby Want? by Tupera Tupera at our affiliate Amazon or check your local indie bookseller.