While it isn’t realistic that every article of clothing we all own is made in America, I’m always thrilled to share ones that are. And I just discovered a company called Bridge & Boro that’s getting ready to design and manufacture gorgeous some new premium US-made denim shirts for men and women.

I love the shirts — and I love the backstory just as much.

Carmelo Bari, an immigrant pattern maker and tailor from Italy, perfected his craft over fifty years then passed his skills onto his son Fabio who just launched this campaign on Indiegogo to help them get up and running for a September launch.

These are the kinds of passionate makers you can tell take great pride in their work, their craftsmanship, their authenticity, and their family name.

Plus, it’s all made in New York City? Be still my native heart!

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Bridge & Boro denim shirts are made in the US using traditional Italian techniques

The Bridge & Boro shirts offer two styles on Indiegogo for just $89 right now as an early bird special. You save even more if you grab two styles at once.

In September they’ll retail for $145 which is on the spendy side, but remember this is a classic, well-tailored shirt that’s designed to be worn forever. And let’s be frank: you pay more when it’s not made in a sweatshop.

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For reference, these kinds of quality denim shirts populate the boutiques of NoLita and SoHo in about the $195 range; in fact, I just spotted a Phillip Plein denim shirt online for over $600! Yikes!

I say, go for the under-$100 versions here.

Bridge & Boro denim shirts for men and women are fab fashion, all made in America. | mompicksprod.wpengine.com

This company really is everything I love all wrapped into one: A small family business, a gorgeous garment, a purchase you can feel great about forever, and of course, yet another immigrant success story.

Because if you’re going to support “Made in America week,” it’s essential to remember that there’d be basically nothing made in America — and really, no America at all —  if 98% of us didn’t all come from somewhere else first.

Help support the Bridge & Boro Indiegogo campaign to manufacture premium New-York made denim shirts, and grab a great deal while you can! Campaign ends August 17, with shirts slated to ship in September.  You can also check out their existing line at the Bridge & Boro website where all items have a 14-day money back guaranteek