Fans of the interactive children’s books from Hervé Tulle Press Here and Mix it Up, now have another wonderfully charming, engaging book to add to their kids’ bookshelves in Say Zoop!

Once again, children are asked to perform a series of tasks related to the graphic, primary color dots on the pages, starting with putting a finger on a blue date and saying OH! From there, it gets more zany and fun, as kids OH! and AH! their way through the pages in all kinds of ways until finally, ZOOP! — those primary colors combine to create a page full of dots in secondary colors, each requiring its own sounds that kids can make up themselves.

(Fair warning: Don’t be surprised if a fart noise is among them.)

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Hervé Tullet's wonderful new interactive book for young children: Say Zoop! (And they will. Often.)

It’s a great read for together reading time between parents or caregivers and kids. And while it’s best suited to kids about ages 2–5, even the 8-year-old I read it with couldn’t wait for a second read.

Now that’s a good book.

Preorder Say Zoop! by Hervé Tullet now from our affiliate Amazon for an August 1 release date, or find it in your local indie bookseller.