It’s that time of year again: Shark Week! Which is a favorite of ours around here. And it’s become a bit of a tradition for us to round up our favorite shark picks for kids. This year, we couldn’t help but notice how many awesome kids’ shark shoes there are. (Seriously, do they make these in our sizes too?)

So here are our very favorites. Be sure to snatch up a pair this summer. Just don’t go dangling them off any boats.

At top: Joules Shark Flip Flops | Nordstrom 

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Kids' shark shoes: Croclights Robo Shark Sandals | Amazon affiliate

Light-up! Robo shark! Crocs! We’re a little obsessed with these triple-threat Croclights Robo Shark Sandals at Amazon and not just because of their very underwater-steam-punk feel. Crocs also make awesome water shoes, in case you’re doing any whitewater rafting or creek exploring this summer and want protection from sharp rocks, sticks, or you know, Great Whites.


Kids' shark shoes: Shark Flip Flops | Nordstrom

If your kids refuse to wear anything but flip flops in the summer, but still want something shark-themed, try these Joules Shark Flip Flops (other print at top) from Nordstrom. Perfect for at home, at the pool, beach, or anywhere sharks (um, hopefully not real ones) are found.

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Kids' shark shoes: Asher Shark Vans | Vans

These Asher Shark Vans are a cousin of the much-adored unicorn vans we recently featured (slash totally freaked out about). These shark mini Vans only come in toddler sizes, but check out Van’s urban collection of cool shark graphic prints for older kids and teens.


Kids' shark shoes: EMU Australia Shark Sneakers | Zappos

These silly EMU Australia Shark Sneakers at Zappos may not strike fear into the hearts of nearby fishies, but man, are they cute. Not to mention great for any shark lovers who haven’t quite mastered the art of shoe tying.

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Kids' shark shoes: Black Shark Print Tiny Toms | Toms

I love these easy slip-on Black Shark Print Tiny Toms at Toms, which can waltz from summertime shenanigans at camp back to school in the fall. (Unfortunately, most sizes at the Toms website are sold out right now, but you might be able to find these in a store near you. Or, if you’ve got a hip toddler in tow, you’re in luck!)


Kids' shark shoes: Keens Encanto Finley | Keens

These KEEN Kids Encanto Finley Shoes put a friendly spin on everyone’s favorite predator, plus come with all the high-quality durability we expect in a KEEN shoe. So little shark enthusiasts can wear them on all adventures — even the landlocked ones.