Though the Fourth of July may be the number one holiday of the summer,¬†Shark Week¬†comes in a close second. It’s pretty popular among our readership¬†because our kids get a good excuse to¬†watch an entire week’s worth of programming about our favorite toothy fish. And, for that reason, it’s become somewhat of an annual tradition to round up our favorite shark picks for kids. If your kids are big fans of sharks too, get ready to tune into the Discovery Channel¬†starting this Sunday, and check out our top 10 shark picks¬†we’ve¬†hooked just for you.

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Shark Week Picks: Totally Jawsome Shark pool float at Perpetual Kid

You’ll have good reason to sing the JAWS theme song with this Totally Jawsome shark ride-on pool float¬†at Perpetual Kid (also shown at top). Just remind your kids that this is the only shark they should ever attempt to ride. ($19.99)


Shark Week Picks: A CMP favorite -- Blankie Tails, shark edition.

Your kids will be clamoring to be swallowed by a shark when it’s one of the incredibly soft Shark Blankie Tails in toddler through adult sizes. So comfy, I literally have to pull my son out of his every single morning. (from $34.95)


Shark Week Picks: Hatley Shark Flip Flops for kids

Your kids’¬†feet will be all ready for your next beach trip with these cool¬†shark flip flops from Hatley. Love the blue hues and the striped straps.¬†($15)


Shark Week Picks: Shark wall hanging sign by Minted

Sleeping with the sharks takes on a whole new meaning when it’s¬†under a¬†personalized Shark Bait room decor sign from Minted. Printed on thick paper, it comes with the pretty, I mean fierce, linen ribbon for hanging. ($16)


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Shark Week Picks: Sea Squirts shark-fin swim vest

A long-time favorite among several of our newest swimmers, Sea Squirts’ shark fin swim vest¬†encourages kids to lean forward into the water so their fin is properly positioned, but still gives them the buoyancy they need to stay afloat. (from $29.99)


Shark Week Picks: Shark sleep set pajamas for kids at The Gap

They’ll be dreaming of their favorite multi-teethed creatures while wearing these¬†cool-looking¬†shark pajamas¬†from¬†The Gap. Unlike real¬†sharks, though, these are totally cuddly on this super¬†soft cotton. ($24.95)


Shark Week Picks: VANS Kids Reef Sharks Authentic sneakers

Vans’ cool Reef Sharks Authentic slip-on sneakers¬†for kids have been gobbled up in some popular sizes but your kids may still be able to net a pair. Just hurry before the tide turns. (from $37)


Shark Week Picks: Shark water bottle from Camelbak

Keep your own shark lover hydrated with this spill-resistant shark water bottle from Camelbak which requires kids use their bite to get the drink flowing. Seems appropriate. ($12.99)


Shark Week Picks: How cute are these Sock It To Me shark-themed knee-high socks?

Let them wear¬†their love of sharks on their sleeve, I mean, legs, with Sock It To Me’s nifty Shark Attack knee-high socks. Perfect for uber-stylish tweens to wear with shorts¬†or skirts. ($9.50)


Shark Week Picks: Shark Coloring Book for adults and older kids

Sharks get even more¬†colorful with this Shark Coloring Book for adults and, really, any older kids who love to color. With a wide variety of designs, it’s perfect for a relaxing break from the beach, or¬†perhaps for while watching your favorite¬†Shark Week¬†programming on TV. ($7.99)