One look at the short video of the color-changing rainbow unicorn mug in action and you will want it too. You may even scream, I WANT IT! like I did when Kristen sent me the link.

Just pour in hot water and — magic — the mane slowly becomes a rainbow, while the unicorn’s eyes go blue. (Okay, so it’s not magic, it’s thermal reactivity, but really. When you think about it, isn’t science pretty much magic?)

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The one catch: You have to order it from French online retailer, L’Avant Gardiste which will set you back 22,95 € plus shipping.

The other catch: You may want everything else at the shop, too.

Find the color-changing rainbow unicorn mug online from L’Avant Gardiste.
UPDATE: Thanks to our eagle-eyed Facebook fans who spotted the same unicorn rainbow mug at Amazon, a CMP affiliate. Only $16.37!

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