Humans can’t live by keyboards alone, and for actual old school writing, we’re big fans of Moleskine notebooks. (Who isn’t, right?) Looking at the new Limited Edition Moleskine notebooks collection has my girls — and me — eager to put pen to paper, to journal our deepest thoughts. Or write a to-do list. Or jot down ideas. Or doodle.

Anything really just to score one of these cool notebooks.

I think this year’s collection especially speaks to teens (and the grown-ups who love them). With themes from rock n’ roll to pop culture, modern art to Minions, Disney characters Harry Potter and Star Wars — well, there’s got to be one that calls your name.

Take a peek at a few of our faves.

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Limited edition Moleskine notebooks: The Beatles and Rolling Stones

Minions Moleskines are awesome!


Limited edition Moleskine notebooks: Neko and Hello Kitty

Harry Potter limited edition Marauder's Map Moleskine



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