As someone with a mom who’s an incredible quilter, I’ve always valued the intricacies of thecraft of quilting. And then I discovered Kim Smith of Leland Ave Studios, a former attorney turned mom-of-three, who definitely takes it to the next level.

Her Lincoln quilt is absolutely mind-blowingly exquisite. Especially after reading about how it came about.

Lincoln quilt inspired by WPAP pop art, by Kim Smith of Leland Ave Studios

She was inspired to create a quilt that was more art than craft and found inspiration in Indonesian artist Wedha Abdul Rashid’s pop art portraits and the WPAP style of brightly-colored vector art. After discovering the iconic Abraham Lincoln portrait as interpreted by artist Ihsan Ekaputra, she got to work “block by block.”

The whole story is fascinating, even to a non-quilter like me. And the result, as you can tell, is magnificent. It even earned her some well-deserved accolades at QuiltCon 2017.

(Yes, there’s a conference for everything!)

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Original quilt pattern by Kim Smith of Leland Ave Studios

I’ve gotten lost in her portfolio and on her @lelandavestudios Instagram Feed looking at all the incredible, colorful fiber art she’s created, including this original quilt pattern which was featured in a recent issue of Modern Patchwork Magazine. I also love Improv Girl, inspired by the illustrations of Meredith Gaston.

But for me, it was that familiar old image of Lincoln reinterpreted as modern art, reaffirming his impact and continued relevance, that I needed to see today.

Read more about quilter Kim Smith of Leland Ave Studios on her website. You can contact the artist if you’re interested in a commision. All photos © Leland Ave Studios.

h/t @cheaptarts on Twitter