Okay, so the world is obsessed with Star Wars right now in light of the premier of The Force Awakens. And hey, we count ourselves among you all. Now we can’t exactly say we’ve covered Star Wars “since before it was cool” because 1.) no such thing and 2.) we were not blogging in 1978. But we have put together an awesome Star Wars guide, filled with so many fun finds from over the years — gifts, guides, party ideas, recipes (Chewbacca donuts!) and just random awesome stuff. It’s so fun seeing them all here in one place.

Or, you can always visit our Star Wars Pinterest board which we kind of love, if we don’t say so ourselves.

We hope you have fun going through our Star Wars guide, whether you’ve got three hours to kill in line, camped out on the sidewalk for movie tickets (tech tip: be sure to bring a portable Star Wars battery charger) or hey, just to browse through in the comfort of your own home.

Yeah, we know that most parents don’t get to see any movies at all until they’re streaming on Netflix. But hey, if there was ever a good weekend to get a sitter, we’d say this is it. Do or do not do, there is no try.

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Star Wars Gift Ideas: Just a few favorites

Star Wars holiday gifts: Leia + Han framed LEGO art

Framed Leia and Han Art | Pretty Peculiar


The coolest Star Wars gifts for the holidays

Awesome custom Star Wars family portraits

The XBOX Star Wars bundle

Designer Star Wars watch

Rad Star Wars iPhone cases


Star Wars Yoda typographic poster - Peter Ware

Star Wars typographic posters by Peter Ware


12 of the most awesome Star Wars posters and artwork

Star Wars bed for kids

Star Wars alphabet and counting posters


Star Wars guide: Star Wars Little Golden Books on Think Geek | rstyle affiliate

The Star Wars Golden Book set for kids

The cutest Star Wars shirts for babies

Cool Star Wars backup battery chargers


7 of the cutest Star Wars baby gift ideas

Cool Star Wars onesies for babies

Star Wars guide: Star Wars Darth Vader charger by Mimobot | rstyle affiliate

Mimoco Powertube Star Wars chargers 

Star Wars hats for geeky babies

5 cool Star Wars Day gift ideas for May the Fourth

Stackable Star Wars mugs


Star Wars guide: Star Wars mobile from Drops of Color on Etsy


An awesome Star Wars crib mobile on Etsy


Star Wars book shelf

DIY Star Wars rocking horse

Star Wars Lego movie posters


Star Wars guide: DIY Star Wars LEGO clock at Instructables


DIY LEGO Star Wars Clock



Star Wars Party and Food Ideas:



Star Wars guide: Star Wars Chewbecca donuts by Just Jenn recipes

Star Wars Chewbecca donuts by Just Jenn Recipes

8 easy Star Wars party snack recipes

DIY Star Wars macarons to celebrate the Force Awakens

Free printable Star Wars gift tags


Star Wars ice cream from Ample Hills Creamery

Star Wars themed fruits and veggies, really!


Star Wars guide: DIY Star Wars lightsabre invitations from A Little Loveliness

DIY Star Wars lightsaber invitations from A Little Loveliness


More than 40 of the coolest Star Wars birthday party ideas for your kids

How to throw the best Star Wars party on May the Fourth or any other day

A free printable Star Wars coloring book


Star Wars Holiday Picks:

Free printable Star Wars gift tags from Just JP

Free printable Star Wars gift tags from Jennifer P Priest

DIY Star Wars LEGO ornaments 

Free printable Star Wars holiday gift tags


Clever Star Wars Easter eggs

17 cool DIY Star Wars costumes for kids

Star Wars Valentine’s Day card



cool snowflake patterns | Star Wars tie interceptor pattern at Anthony Herrera Designs

Star Wars snowflake patterns via Anthony Herrera Designs

Amazing Star Wars paper themed snowflakes

More than 20 seriously cool snowflake patterns including cool Star Wars designs


Randomly Cool Star Wars Stuff, Because It’s EverywhereStar Wars guide: Star Wars CoverGirl lipstick

The entire Star Wars movie created in Minecraft

Awesome short Star Wars fan film

Star Wars Vans shoe collection

CoverGirl Star Wars makeup





Star Wars guide: Star Wars stickers for Facebook


Star Wars Facebook stickers

Free printable Star Wars lunchbox notes


Behind the scenes shots of Star Wars on Instagram



Star Wars guide: Star Wars airplane at All Nippon Airway

An R2-D2-themed airplane. For real.