My daughter loves nail polish, but she’s not so crazy about taking it off once it starts to chip. As for me, I cringe a little when I soak her little kid fingers with strong nail polish remover. Because, chemicals. Right?

So I love our latest discovery: Nailmatic kid-friendly nail polishes which promise to wash right off with water, and actually do.

To be more specific, the package says to use soap and water, but I find it comes right off without much soap required. Plus, it goes on really smoothly, which means I can actually get the polish on my daughter’s nails —  not her fingers. And considering it’s almost dry by the time you finish painting the first hand, yeah, this is a kid-friendly win for sure.

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Now I will say, the prices are a bit high compared to the stuff I grab at checkout at the drugstore. But that’s the price of non-toxic cosmetics, something I’m cool splurging on a bit for my kids.

Plus there’s that adorable packaging: So on-point for tweens!

You can find Nailmatic nail polishes at Boutique Little. Thanks to the company for sending a press sample for review consideration.