Even though I’m a first-time mom-to-be, I feel like I’m already an expert on the best non-toxic nail polishes for kids. I adore painting my nieces’ nails; it’s such a fun bonding activity, and they love it too, especially when we can wear the same color and be “twins.”

But because two of them are still under the age of 4, I know the polish that goes on their nails can end up, well, anywhere and everywhere, and so I always look for non-toxic nail polish, but I still want it to go on smoothly and scent-free, and ideally, peel right off.

I get it if from time to time you hit the dollar bin for a new bottle, but if you’re looking for non-toxic nail polishes for kids for an added jolt of confidence, here are my favorites from our most trusted brands — all in fantastic shades that you can wear too, for a little at-home spa day bonding.

That goes for you too, dads and uncles!

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Luna Star Naturals non-toxic nail polishes come in so many fun, fall colors

Luna Star Non-Toxic Nail Polish

We’ve been fans of the Luna Star natural makeup line for our tweens and teens for a while now, and I think this golden Luna Star Pinki Naturali non-toxic nail polish for kids is great for even the littlest ones. Their collection of water-based and odor-free polishes with peel-off technology has so many great colors for fall but I love this golden one that reminds me of the gorgeous changing leaves.

Piggy Paint non-toxic nail polish in black: Your kids will thank you.

Piggy Paint Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Piggy Paint nail polish never disappoints with their super safe, adorable non-toxic colors. I’m loving this Sleepover color for the rocker wannabe kids in my life. Great choice for teens and tweens who like an edgier look — especially with Halloween coming up. All you vampires, witches, and black spiders, be on alert!


Keeki makes one of the best non-toxic nail polishes in colors so stylish, you can have a spa day with your kids

Keeki Naturals Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Another old favorite of Cool Mom Picks, Keeki Naturals nail polish, is made from a 100% biodegradable formula, all right here in the USA and I like that they’re non-toxic and super safe for kids, though not specifically marketed to them. They have so many fun blues to choose from, like a fun cobalt Blueberry Pie and the softer Peacock Martini, that I had trouble choosing a favorite. My pick: The subtle, icy sparkle in this Keeki Blue Frosting that will make the little kids in my life happy and transition my own nails nicely to winter, too.


A favorite non-toxic nail polish color: The sleek "Bite Me" deep purple from Ella + Mila.

Ella + Mila Non-Toxic Nail Polish

For kids who like things a little darker than neon, I think this glossy, deep purple polish, Bite Me nail polish from Ella + Mila is gorgeous enough that I’d wear it too. Actually, the price means I’d probably use it more than the kids, but I could feel confident letting them share since Ella + Mila nail polishes are vegan, non-toxic, and even certified by PETA. The line also has a cool navy, a bright teal, and many other fun fall favorites — and if sparkles are your thing, you have to check out the glitzy Drippin’ Gold. But if you really want to splurge, check out the Ella + Mila Nail Polish Me Collection 10-pack at a terrific price, with tons of fun colors.

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Suncoat Girl's non-toxic nail polish in dark green will be a big hit this fall.

SuncoatGirl Non-Toxic Nail Polish

I think my nieces are going to love Going Green this fall from SuncoatGirl’s award-winning line of water-based, vegan nail polish. This non-toxic polish is a dramatic departure from summer’s pastels and totally fits the bill for fall. Plus, it’s fun enough for those little toes.


A favorite non-toxic nail polish for kids: The Prity NYC line of Prity Princess polishes in sparkles and fun candy colors.

Priti NYC Princess Non-Toxic Nail Polish

The fashion world is definitely crushing on neutral grays and silvers this season, which appeals to me, but it’s not the most flattering on everyone, and probably too subdued for kids. Which is why I love this sparkly metallic silver, from Priti NYC’s dedicated children’s line, Priti NYC Princess. It’s called Aladin’s Diamonds and it’s cool enough that we’ll forgive the spelling of Aladin…and Priti. Also check the site for lots of fun, candy-inspired colors in their kids’ line — with the best names — like Rock Star, Fairy Floss, Grape Gummies, Berry Blue Gumball, and Apple Sours.

The top water-based non-toxic nail polish: Acquarella. Love this shade, too!

Acquarella Non-Toxic Nail Polish

I’m loving this electric blue color, not to mention its fierce name, Fightmaster, which they describe as a “feisty turquoise creme,” ha. It’s the most expensive of the other brands here, probably because it’s not specifically for kids. However Acquarella is known as the gold standard for water-based, non-toxic nail polish that ordinarily tends to peel off in about three seconds. Not only does it have staying power, but it’s free of formaldehyde, phthalates, parabens, and a whole lot more.