If you’re a Target shopper, you’re probably a fan of the Cartwheel app like we are, because hey, we like saving money. Especially on stuff we were going to buy anyway.

(At least that’s what we tell ourselves as we’re buying it, ha.)

We’ll now there’s some good news to help you save money while you shop and make your life easier: Cartwheel is all part of the Target app now.

You get the same offers that have saved 37 million Cartwheel users more than $1 billion on in-store purchases, same easy shopping solutions…all with one less app on your phone.


Target app now incorporates Cartwheel savings, all in one place | sponsor

To get access to Cartwheel now, just follow this one easy step very carefully:

1. Download the Target app from the App Store.

(Told you it was easy.)

Just to drive home the point that downloading the Target app is easy — easier than pretty much anything else in our days as busy parents — take a look at this video. Feel free to laugh at our expense if you want. We’re cool with that.

More YAY PARENTING videos coming soon!


By the way, keep an eye on the app for even more hassle-eliminating, money-saving features that are coming soon to the Target app. These are the things we get excited about! For real.

To save a ton on your in-store purchases at Target, just download the Target app from the App Store. You’ll know it’s the right one because it’s called “Target app  — Now With Cartwheel.”  Pretty clear, right?

The Target app now has Cartwheel built right in

Thanks to our sponsor Target for making it even easier to save money while we fill our big red carts to the brim.

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