When it comes to planning our kids’ birthday parties, we tend to aim for the trifecta: cool, easy, inexpensive. Which is why I’m always in awe when I come across big budget, outrageous birthday party ideas for kids like the ones here.

These are all popular packages, by the way, so it’s not like we’re talking renting your own island for the weekend. Even so, wow.

Hey, maybe one day you’ll hit the lottery. Or one day you’ll just say, “enough with the pizza and rent-a-clown in the backyard, darnit, we’re going full-on Beverly Hills Housewives with our kids’ parties!” Or maybe you just want a birthday idea that’s wildly memorable and cool and different because your kid has earned something really out of the ordinary this year.

Or, you know, you can just gawk. Like I do.

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Outrageous birthday party ideas for kids: American Museum of Natural History
Pajama Party at the the American Museum of Natural History

A night at the museumminus the mayhem — and the Ben Stiller — is a real thing thanks to New York’s American Museum of Natural History sleepovers in the Blue Whale Room. For $145 per person ($125 if you have 15 people or more), you get snacks, a film in the LeFrak Theater, a live-animal presentation, a fossil fact-finding-by-flashlight mission, and the chance to sleep under the famous 94-foot blue whale hanging from the ceiling. And before you sigh, “they should have this for grownups” like I did: They do! In fact they offer 21+ sleepovers that are almost exactly the same as the kids version,  with the notable addition of beer and wine.

Outrageous birthday party ideas for kids: Blue Man Group
Behind the Scenes Birthday Party with the Blue Man Group  

Every kid has to see the Blue Man Group show in action at least once, so why not do it with a slew of her closest friends? Along with seats to the show, you can customize the Blue Man Group birthday party package to include a behind-the-scenes Q&A with cast members about the process of becoming blue, drum workshops, big-screen birthday greetings, food and merch for every guest, and souvenir blue smudges to take home. (Just guessing on that last one). Depending on whether you choose the front row “poncho seats” and which activities you pick for the party, prices range from $59 to $99 per person, with a minimum of 10 guests.

Outrageous birthday party ideas for kids: Xtreme Martial Arts World Headquarters
A Superhero Birthday Party at Xtreme Martial Arts World Headquarters

Should you be up on celebrity kid parties, you may know Hollywood’s Xtreme Martial Arts World Headquarters as the spot where Posh and Becks took Brooklyn’s pals to party, so you know it’s got to be…well, extreme. The XMA superhero package ($1,450) includes three expert instructors that help little guests tumble across trampoline floors, learn martial arts moves, fly on high wires, and climb tall ropes for two hours — which is quite a workout for a superhero of any size. Luckily, you also get three big buffet tables that you can pile with superhero food for energy replenishment.

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Outrageous birthday party ideas for kids: Seriously Spoiled Salon and Spa
A Pampering Party at Seriously Spoiled Salon and Spa

Spa parties are becoming A Thing even with young kids these days. While you DIY at home, save yourself the mess with Seriously Spoiled Salon and Spa’s Deluxe Indulgence birthday party package (also at top) in three Long Island locations. It’s perfectly named…and, well, the spa is too. It caters only to “spa girls” who deserve relaxation after so many exhausting 6-hour school days, and some pampering with the works. That means mani-pedis, hairdos, hot towels, scented hair embellishments, pink lemonade in fluted glasses, a runway show (!!) and karaoke. All of this is $719 for eight guests, though you can easily expand the price tag with add-ons like pink limousine rides, glitter tattoos, spa food, feather hair extensions, and specialized spa services for everyone’s American Dolls. (No, really.)

Outrageous birthday party ideas for kids: Jungle IslandA Slumber Party at Jungle Island

Okay so maybe we do have one island birthday party here: Jungle Island. Beyonce and Jay-Z actually rented out this animal sanctuary in Miami for Blue Ivy’s second birthday party. Like, all 18 acres of it. But the rest of us can still get in on some VIP animal encounters via the park’s Jungle Slumbers birthday party packages. Similar to the American Museum of Natural History’s sleepover idea, Jungle Island offers an overnight party at the park ($1,200 minimum) complete with a flashlight hike, hands-on opportunities with animals, crafts projects, a scavenger hunt, and lots of food and drinks.

Outrageous birthday party ideas for kids: IfOnly
A Movie Party via IfOnly

For kids who dream of taking Hollywood by storm, this chance to make a real movie at your party via experience site IfOnly (we’ve featured them as a favorite experience gift provider in the past) could be their big break. For $6,250, the birthday kid gets moviemaking with the works: The starring role in a green-screen action film with a pro director and film crew, and all the necessary props, stylists, accessories, and costumes to bring it to life. After the film is finished, you’ll get a red carpet premiere at a private theater, with the star and their VIP guests interviewed by reporters and flash-bulbed by paparazzi. Inside, there are customized concessions, an award ceremony, and a private wrap party. The party favor? A DVD of the movie. No, not a meet-and-greet with your birthday kid’s actual favorite movie star. That said, I imagine for the right price, IfOnly could probably make it happen.