After years of making baby Halloween costumes, we’ve learned two things: One, there’s almost nothing cuter than babies in Halloween costumes. I mean, really. And two, you don’t have to get all crazy-DIY to produce some seriously winning costumes. In fact, some of the best baby Halloween costumes start with something you may already have tons of: onesies.

Here are a few cute ways to make the most of them. And bonus: They’ll get worn again!

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Easy baby Halloween costumes from onesies: Little Flower DIY by Your Wish Cake

Little Flower Baby Halloween Costume DIY at Your Wish Cake

Kerri didn’t sew a single stitch or spend more than 15 minutes making this easy baby Halloween costume — and you must click over to read what she planned for her own semi-matching costume! So great, right?


Easy baby Halloween costumes from onesies: DIY Fidget Spinner Halloween Costume by Brit + Co

DIY Fidget Spinner Costume DIY at Brit + Co 

Hey, no one’s sick of fidget spinners yet, right? Because the past year’s trendiest toy also makes one of the awesomest baby costumes that will be sure to get a laugh. By the way, it’s also one of the easiest baby costumes using a onesie — you only need four items to put it together, as you’ll see from the instructions at Brit + Co.

Easy baby Halloween costumes from onesies: Aerobics Instructor by Homemade by Jill

’80s Aerobics Teacher DIY by Homemade by Jill

You may remember this one from our list of 25 of the most adorable DIY baby costumes you can actually make. And really, do the 80s ever go out of style for Halloween? Not only is this baby costume made from a onesie easy and hilarious, it’s also cozy — which a baby who’s along for the ride on a night of chilly trick-or-treating could definitely use. (And that felt boombox! Anyone else suddenly feel like Jazzercising?)


Baby Halloween costumes from onesies: Baby Magic 8-Ball Costume by And We Play

Magic 8 Ball Baby Costume DIY at And We Play

Stunningly simple to make, this magical Halloween onesie even has a fantastic 8-Ball “prediction” attached to the back an incredibly clever way. Definitely the winning touch! And who can’t use another black onesie in the baby wardrobe?

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Baby Halloween costumes from onesies: Baby Cow Costume DIY by Make It & Love It

Baby Cow Costume DIY by Make It & Love It

We included this cute calf in our list of adorable DIY baby costumes a few years back, and this easy baby Halloween costume from a onesie is timeless. It still ranks as our hands-down winner of “most creative use of bottle nipples,” and we all udderly (um, sorry) love it.

Baby Halloween costumes from a onesie: Beetle Baby Costume by Oh Happy Day

Beetle Baby Halloween Costume DIY at Oh Happy Day

Putting together this bug-inspired onesie is obviously a little more involved, so you’ll need some sewing skills (and sequins!) to pull it off — but, as you can see, the effort is worth it. Jordan offers up a full tutorial on Oh Happy Day. Not included: How to keep your baby from pulling the hat off ten minutes into Halloween!

Baby Halloween costumes from onesies: S'Mores Baby Costume by Nerdy Mama

S’Mores Baby Costume DIY from Nerdy Mama

Chantal at Nerdy Mama claims it takes only five minutes to transform an ordinary onesie into fall’s tastiest snack if you follow her instructions for this easy baby Halloween costume. You do know you’ll have to hand out mini Hershey’s bars with this one, right?