For years, I’ve had tons of fun using plain pajama sets — like the ones you can find at Primary or Hanna Andersson — as the base for my kids’ Halloween costumes. With some head-to-toe monochromatic pajamas, all I’ve had to do is add some detail — a DIY that’s easy enough for me to pull off even with a busy schedule. I’ve cut strips of white duct tape to turn a basic black pajama set into a skeleton, and I’ve glued green triangles down the back of a red pair of pajamas to make a dragon.

What I love most about kids’ Halloween costumes made with pajamas is that oftentimes, you can transform simple pajamas into Halloween costumes even without gluing, taping, or sewing onto the PJs themselves. Which means your kids can keep on wearing the pajamas long after Halloween is over.

If you’re looking for fun, last-minute costume ideas that are easy to make and comfy for kids to wear, check out these awesome ideas.

At top: Three Blind Mice | The House that Lars Built

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Kids' Halloween costumes made with pajamas | Crayons at The House that Lars Built

At The House That Lars Built, we found this fantastic idea to dress your kids as the crayons from one of our favorite books, The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt. So brilliant. You can make this pajama costume even simpler by buying party hats in primary colors instead of making your own. BTW, we’ll be pinning this one for book character day at school too.

Kids' Halloween costumes made with pajamas | Bunny hat by Oeuf at Noble Carriage

I’ve been thinking about this adorable knit bunny hat by Oeuf ever since I found it at Noble Carriage, and I think pairing it with a pair of grey pajamas and these exquisite grey booties would turn your child into an adorable bunny for Halloween — or any day of the year, for that matter. This one isn’t cheap, but the cuteness is worth every penny. (They have unicorn and bambi hats too, and even more at Oeuf NYC.)

Kids' Halloween costumes made with pajamas | Care Bears at Say Yes

I still have a soft spot for the Care Bears, especially a costume as easy as this one I spotted at Say Yes. And you don’t even have to sew your own pilot’s cap, as their tutorial suggests. You can find those at Hanna Andersson or June and January, and hot glue gun on some felt or fleece ears.

Kids' Halloween costumes made with pajamas | Lumberjack at Little Inspirations

I’m dying over this adorable lumberjack costume at Little Inspiration. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anyone who sells these tree-stamped red pajamas, but it seems easy enough to DIY. Stamp a plain pair of red thermal pajamas with black fabric paint, or go with this cozy lumberjack sleeper at Hanna Andersson for a readymade look. The black beanie, beard, and boots are really the signature musts of this look.

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Kids' Halloween costumes made with pajamas | Nacho Libre at Baby Gizmo

All you really need to pull off this prize-winning Nacho Libre costume at Baby Gizmo are some pajama pants and red undies on top. And, a sense of humor, because this kid looks hilarious in the best way possible.

Kids' Halloween costumes made with pajamas | DIY ears headbands at Bird's Party

If you have young kids who don’t like fussy, elaborate costumes, or even older kids who just want a simpler look this Halloween, I’d recommend DIY ear headbands like these from Bird’s Party, paired with some plain black pajamas. Sweet and simple.

Kids' Halloween costumes made with pajamas | Pumpkin pilot cap at Hanna Andersson

Our pro tip for those of you with new babies this Halloween — keep them comfortable. This pumpkin pilot cap at Hanna Andersson paired with a set of orange footie pajamas is adorable. And because your baby will be cozy and warm while out trick-or-treating, everyone’s night will be a lot more fun. (Trust us.)

Kids' Halloween costumes made with pajamas | Poké ball at Say Yes

We’re expecting to see a lot of Pokémon related costumes this year, but this Poké ball baby at Say Yes is the best we’ve seen yet. You’ll need both red and white pajama sets to pull off this look, but with the holidays around the corner, we think you’ll find more than one use for them.

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Kids' Halloween costumes made with pajamas | Dragon Loves Tacos siblings costume at Hello, Wonderful

We’ve seen hundreds of sandwich-board style costumes on Pinterest, but this Dragon Loves Tacos siblings costumes at Hello, Wonderful is my absolute favorite. Use monochromatic pajamas as the base, and as soon as they return home from trick-or-treating, they can ditch the taco board and count their candy in comfort.

Kids' Halloween costumes made with pajamas | Ghostbusters at The House that Lars Built

This idea for Ghostbusters costumes at The House that Lars Built is such an easy way to get a pop-culture fix without too much effort. I’d be tempted to add another kid in all green pajamas as Slimer. Even if Ghostbusters isn’t your style, though, click through to her site — she has very easy tutorials to turn your littlest ones into superheroes, soda bottles, and (as shown at the very top) three blind mice, too.

Kids' Halloween costumes made with pajamas | the Strong Man at Little Inspirations

Who doesn’t get a kick out of kids with fake mustaches on Halloween? (Because, adorable.) And if you add a fun tattoo sleeve to make this Strong Man (or woman!) costume we found at Little Inspiration, it’s even better. You can find pull-on tattoo sleeves at places like Party City, or for slightly bigger kids, you can easily recreate this look with a dozen easy-to-wash-off temporary tattoos.

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