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Kids love tech. Kids love stuffed animals. So of course kids are going to love Parker, the world’s first Augmented Reality teddy bear who’s here just in time for the holidays.

Parker combines classic pretend play with amazing new technology that turns him into a learning toy as well as a cuddly friend.

Parker is the first Augmented Reality teddy bear combining high tech and creative play to create more caring, empathetic kids | sponsor

Kids can learn problem-solving and caregiving through creative play in both the real and digital worlds. Like giving Parker a check-up using the free companion app, curing a tummy ache with the included X-ray sheet, or checking for a fever with his thermometer — then curing him with some medicine and a little TLC.

Kids can even build an AR environment using the camera filter within the app to reflect Parker’s state of happiness.

Best of all, it requires no WiFi and no batteries. All you need is a smartphone or tablet, the free app…and of course a kid with a lot of love and a lot of imagination.

This has been a sponsored message from Seedling, makers of Parker, the world’s first Augmented Reality teddy bear, available at Apple stores globally and on for $59.99.

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