I love receiving personalized gifts, because they show that a friend has put a little more thought into gift-giving than, “Hey, it’s on sale!” So when I saw these fun personalized 4 Things tote bags at The Shop Forward, I went ahead and passed it along it to a few gift-givers in my life. (Hint.)

Simple, modern, and full of personality, these are definitely not your traditional curlicue monogrammed bags that get sent out to teachers, vendors, and mothers-in-law everywhere each holiday.

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The examples on the site are definitely southern single-girl focused, but the possibilities are awesome to consider. I think they’d make a cute new-mom gift:

Diapers All Day
Midnight Feedings

Also Coffee.

Or consider your child’s favorite teacher:
Definitely Recess. 

But you know things will get really fun when you’re coming up with ideas for your politically active BFF (Love, Justice, Equality, #StillWithHer), your coffee addict sister, your Star Wars fan niece, your Black Girl Magic posse, your Hamilton addicted tween, or your book club buddy.

Holiday gift alert! Four Things Bags: Customized with four things that describe you, and profits benefit a great charity.

Image: @LoJoPro on Instagram

The options are limitless — although they do reject curse words. Damn.

You can order your own personalized 4 Things tote at The Shop Forward. A portion of your sale will support an orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Note: they currently have a 4-week backorder, so order now for Christmas!