If your post-bedtime routine is all about Westeros, Wildlings, and Winterfell, you’re going to love these cheeky Game of Thrones inspired costume ideas for kids this Halloween. And while there’s no chance my kids will be watching The Mountain and Prince Oberyn’s trial-by-combat any time soon (because geez), it’s so wonderfully ironic to see little kids as Jon Snow or Khaleesi’s dragons on Halloween — or rolling through the hood in an Iron Throne stroller.

So here, I present 7 fun, creative ways for putting together kids’ Game of Thrones costumes — even if they’re years from knowing a Baratheon from a Lannister.

Seriously, isn’t the best part of Halloween the chance make fun pop-culture references with our kids costumes? Especially before they’re old enough to insist on the ones that aren’t nearly as cool.

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Game of Throne Costume Ideas for Kids: 1. Jon Snow

Kids' Game of Thrones costume ideas: How to make a Jon Snow costume on Winter is Coming

I’m dying over the cuteness, and detail (whoa!) of this tiny Jon Snow costume submitted by his cosplay-fan mom Dora to Winter is Coming.

You could pull off your own simplified DIY version with black PJs, a sword (Valyrian steel not necessary), and a black fur collar with the bow cut off, all over a black kid-sized cape. Or, splurge on this ready-made custom toddler Jon Snow Game of Thrones costume on Etsy if you’re a true fan.

2. Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen

Kids' Game of Thrones costume ideas: How to make Khaleesi and Joffrey

I’m seriously impressed with Melissa R at Coolest Homemade Costumes for just whipping up a Daenerys Targaryen costume like it’s no big deal. Wow.

If you don’t feel crafty enough to follow her tutorial, simplify the look with a royal blue t-shirt dress and tall brown boots — yay for costumes you can wear again!  Loop some braided cord around her bodice and splurge on a Khaleesi wig to give her that classic Essos look.

Of course having a little sibling who can play Joffrey is a nice accessory; though post-season 7, we’d be more inclined to dress him up as Jorah Mormont, complete with Greyscale. (Shudder.)

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3. Tyrion Lannister

Kids' Game of Thrones costume ideas: Baby Tyrion Lannister via Leniebelle Gallardo, handmade vest by Little Ivie Rose on Etsy

I love the way Leniebelle Gallardo made this Tyrion Lannister costume so authentic, all the way down to the Blackwater scar on her baby’s cheek. Amazing! She submitted the photo to the Little Ivie Rose shop to show just how incredible the handmade vest looks on, and we’re sold.

Liz thinks this would be perfect with an I Drink and I Know Things sippy cup or baby bottle!

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4. A Direwolf

Kids' Game of Thrones costume ideas: Direwolves Shaggydog, Ghost or Grey Wind via masks from Oxeyedaisy

If you’re good with scissors and fabric glue, this DIY (dire)wolf mask at Oxeyedaisy can turn your child into Ghost, Grey Wind, or Shaggydog. The reviews say that the tutorial is so easy and turns out great, and some even figured out how to add a tail.

I’d pair it with a matching sweatsuit or — even better — a totally reusable solid-colored pair of PJs. And if you’ve got more than one child, make sure the other is dressed as someone from family Stark. So fun.

5. Khaleesi’s dragons

Kids' Game of Thrones costume ideas: Incredible dragon costumes from Lovelane on Etsy

Kids' Game of Thrones costume ideas: Mother of Dragons tee and handmade dragon accessories from Lovelane

My kids don’t know anything about Daenerys Targaryen, except that she has dragons that are pretty cool. So I love the idea of pairing up with them. They can trick-or-treat as their favorite fantasy creatures in an outrageous dragon costumes while I get to slum it in jeans and this Mother of Dragons tee, both from CMP fave Lovelane. I mean that costume…whoa. I know that will get a lot of play during dress-up time for years.

Kids' Game of Thrones costume ideas: Khaleesi's dragons come to life via Super Kid Capes

Alternatively, we found these fairly affordable dragon cape and wristlets from Super Kid Capes (also at very top) and you can just dress your kids in coordinated green leggings and tees to go with them.

6. Baby Wildlings

Kids' Game of Thrones costume ideas: How to make baby Wildlings

If your heart lies north of the wall, this Wildling onesie and crochet rattle from Ginger Bread Surprise is the perfect easy Game of Thrones costume for an infant.

While you can go as full-on Tormund Giantsbane as you’d like, a fun little shortcut is this wonderful red handmade crochet beard. Just like that, you’re their protector against goblins, ghouls and White Walkers for the night.

7. Baby on the Iron Throne

Kids" Game of Thrones costume ideas: DIY Iron Throne Stroller

Although you can find tons of fun DIY Iron Throne stroller ideas on Pinterest, this one stands out because it looks equally incredible and so doable. Sure, you’ll need some scissors and leftover Amazon boxes to pull it off, along with some silver spray paint, but otherwise it’s not too hard — relatively speaking.

Just glue the swords to a solid cardboard back, which you secure to the handle of your stroller. So smart! As for the costume..well, who do you think should be on the Iron Throne? Here’s your chance to publicly register your vote.

And hey, we’re totally in love with Khal and Khaleesi here but we can’t figure out who they are! Liz thinks they could be her Brooklyn neighbors heading to Garden Place. If you know them, please let us know so we can give the appropriate credit where it’s due. We’ll bend the knee and everything. They deserve it!