When my kids were small I somehow had the time to make their costumes by hand — things like princess dresses, a lion, and one amazing Nacho Libre costume. However, last year I literally pulled together a costume for my oldest in about 5 minutes before our friends came over to trick-or-treat with us. And his Halloween was just as¬†awesome as ever.

So, whether you’re the DIY master who’s gotten too busy this month to make something from scratch, or you have a kid who can’t make up his mind about his costume and now you need something stat, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite, super easy last-minute Halloween costumes for kids that you can make in 10 minutes or less.

Because sometimes that’s all the time you have.

At top: Emoji costume at Hello, Wonderful | R2D2 at Under the Sycamore

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Easy Doctor Who costume

Easy last-minute Halloween costumes: Raid your closet to make this simple Doctor Who by Keelhaulrose2 on Buzzfeed.

I love this easy¬†Doctor Who costume by Keelhaulrose2¬†we found at Buzzfeed last year. It could easily be pulled off last minute by raiding mom and dad’s closets, and if you’re a big fan of the show, you probably have a toy sonic screwdriver or mini Tardis laying around the house somewhere. If not, you could draw one (or print one out) and tape it on your child’s candy collection bag with the hope that, just like the Tardis, it’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.

Easy last-minute Halloween costumes for kids: Grab your leotard and be an Olympic Gymnast, with this DIY from Say, Yes.

Easy Olympic Gold Medalist Halloween costume| Say Yes

If your child is already taking gymnastics classes, this¬†Olympic gold medalist¬†we found at Say Yes will be so easy. Dig¬†their leotard¬†out of the laundry and grab one of your kids’ participation medals from the toy box.¬†I especially love the baby powder on her knees to really make this gymnast have that competition look.

Easy Jane Goodall costume

Easy 10-minute Halloween costumes: Jane Goodall costume via The Mod Chick

I’m a huge fan of this Jane Goodall costume I found at The Mod Chik, because Jane Goodall is so cool. Also, it’s incredibly easy, as long as you have a stuffed monkey and brown shirt somewhere in the house. Your child might even be able to¬†make the toilet-paper-roll binoculars herself, which makes this one even easier.

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Easy Disney tourist family costume

Easy last-minute Halloween costumes for kids: Be Disney (or wherever) tourists, with this clever idea from Say Yes!

If you want a last-minute costume the whole family can do together, check out this funny¬†Disney Tourists idea we found at Say Yes. Of course, if Disney isn’t your thing, you could go as Star Wars fans, Minecraft fans, Lakers fans, or pretty much anything else your family loves.

Easy R2D2 costume

Easy last-minute Halloween costumes for kids: You could whip up this R2D2 costume at Under the Sycamore with an old t-shirt in no time.

Grab one of your old white t-shirts and a blue marker, and you can pull off a quick R2D2 costume like this one from Under the Sycamore in almost no time at all. Hint: The bigger the tee, the better; it gives it that boxy R2D2 shape.


Easy Jedi costume

Easy last-minute Halloween costumes for kids: Grab a bath room or use this pattern from Bayberry Creek to make a last-minute Jedi.

As long as we’re thinking Star Wars, f you happen to have a brown bathrobe and a lightsaber laying around, then you can almost instantly get a young Jedi ready to trick-or-treat. We loved this easy¬†Jedi robe Halloween costume sewing pattern at Etsy shop Bayberry Creek too, if you’re the crafty type who has fabric stashed for last-minute projects. Brown felt like this wouldn’t even need to be hemmed, making this one a really quick DIY.

Easy emoji costume

Last-minute Halloween costumes for kids: All you need is yellow poster board and some markers to make these cute Emoji costumes at Hello, Wonderful.

All you need is some poster board and yellow paint to make these fun emoji costumes from Hello, Wonderful (also at top).¬†If the sandwich board style costume seems like it would get a bit¬†annoying for your child while they’re trying to run from house to house collecting candy, you could also make this one by decorating¬†a yellow t-shirt instead. So simple — an fun to wear after Halloween is over too!

Easy Paper Bag Princess and Dragon costumes

Easy last-minute Halloween costumes for kids: We think this Paper Bag Princess costume from Seeker of Happiness is adorable (and so easy)!


We love, love, love the book Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch, and this Paper Bag Princess costume we found at Seeker of Happiness could not be any easier. Even the little crown is made from the paper bag! Other than that, all you need is some warm trick-or-treat weather.

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Easy NBA Star costumes (with a few friends)

Easy last-minute Halloween costumes | Go as your favorite athlete, with just a track suit and sports gear.

© Kate Etue for Cool Mom Picks

If your child loves sports, have¬†him or her¬†go as their favorite athlete (like my oldest¬†seen here on the right) for a super easy last-minute Halloween costume. Or, you don’t even have to be¬†that specific with the costume;¬†last year, he¬†was just an unnamed “NBA player” with his track suit and a basketball.

Of course, you could wear football pads, hockey gear, a softball uniform, goggles and a swim cap — whatever sport they’re into most. And if you’re amazing at DIY, you could probably figure out how to turn an old football or basketball into a basket for collecting candy. We’d be seriously impressed.

(Note: my “space guy” son is wearing dress-up accessories from Props in a Box with an¬†amazing silver velour track suit he just happened to have in his closet. Yes, for real.)