The teal-colored pumpkins on stoops throughout your neighborhood are more than just pretty — they have a special meaning. Thanks to the Teal Pumpkin Project, a blue jack-o-lantern signals that a house offers non-edible treats that accommodate trick-or-treaters with common food allergies. It’s a great thing to do — and hey, sometimes our kids love picking out non-candy treats too, given a choice.

(Those temporary tattoos can be pretty appealing when you’ve already got a pillowcase full of treats.)

If you’re in — or you’re just learning about this — set aside one of the pumpkins you’ve already got or grab a fresh one, then take a look at these fantastic teal pumpkin decorating ideas for inspiration, thanks to the creativity of some wonderful crafters and bloggers.

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Above: I can’t get over the incredibly clever (and easy!) trick shared by our friend Ursula at Kraft & Mint, to make this easy flowery teal pumpkin. It’s so simple and gorgeous, if you have multiple kids, I know they’ll each be excited to make their own. Plus a whole display of these would be amazing.

Teal pumpkin decorating ideas: Sparkle Teal Pumpkin by Parenting Chaos

You’ll need a hair dryer to make this glittery teal pumpkin by Parenting Chaos, but that just means it’s that much more exciting to make with kids, right? I love how perfectly imperfect the sparkly result is!

Teal pumpkin decorating ideas: Vintage Teal Pumpkin by Got Paint in My Hair

Check out the video tutorial at Got Paint in My Hair for instructions on how to make this shabby chic foil effect teal pumpkin. It’s really detailed, and she describes just which products she uses, which shade of acrylic blue paint, and how to get that super cool faux-crackle effect. Amazing result, right?

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Teal pumpkin decorating ideas: Faux Stitched Pumpkins by U Create for Eighteen 25

On Eighteen25, Kari from U Create Crafts  has the simplest — yet most effective — trick for decorating a teal Halloween pumpkin as if it were hand-stitched. I think her idea for mixing your teal pumpkin in with grays and blacks really makes it pop, too.

Teal pumpkin decorating ideas: Kate Spade inspired teal pumpkin by 204 ParkWell, hello there, beauty! This Kate Spade-inspired no-carve teal pumpkin by 204 Park may have been inspired by one of the designer’s patterns, but it’s so perfect for identifying your home as one that’s safe for trick-or-treaters with allergies.

Teal pumpkin decorating ideas: Sequin Message Pumpkin DIY from Squirrelly Minds

Squirrelly Minds has instructions for making a sequin teal pumpkin that’s so elegant, it would also be totally at home on my Thanksgiving table as a colorful centerpiece. Maybe with a different word on it, though? (Or maybe not. I don’t know your family and friends.)

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Teal pumpkin decorating ideas: Adapt this DIY for a Cinderella Butterfly Pumpkin from A Pumpkin and A Princess using teal instead of royal blue

This DIY Cinderella butterfly pumpkin by A Pumpkin and A Princess is magic personified. (Pumpkin-ified?) Check out her instructions and see how you can really make it your own, placing butterflies and sparkles wherever and however the spirit moves you, and adjusting that beautiful blue to an equally beautiful teal color.

Teal pumpkin decorating ideas: A clever, easy masking tape pumpkin DIY by Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins is an expert crafter who has a child with allergies herself, so you really must click over to her site to see some of the teal pumpkin decorating ideas she’s come up with. It looks like decoupage, right? And yet it requires exactly two supplies to make.