I didn’t grow up in NYC so I don’t have FAO Schwarz shopping memories like some of my city friends. But I did know about them from Big, and I loved pouring through their catalogs around the holidays every year, carefully circling the hundreds of high-end toys on my wishlist.

(Did you know that catalog was first published in 1876? Whoa.)

So when FAO Schwarz closed their doors a few years back, I was surprisingly bummed out.

And now, I find myself surprisingly happy that they’re back, just in time for the holidays.

I have to admit, my first thought when it comes to FAO is “expensive!” And yes, there is a $1000 teddy bear that’s 7 feet tall.

Clearly a must-have for every kid.


But browsing the site, it was great to see plenty of affordable, or relatively affordable toys — i.e. not that $25,000 Barbie foosball table they offered in 2010 — that my own kids would definitely want.

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FAO Schwarz is back, just in time for the holidays!

Giant piano dance mat, of course ($149.99) | Ultimate space lab ($39.99) | Robotic arm on wheels ($89.99) | Craft weaving loom ($29.99) | Roller coaster building set ($59.99) | Remote controlled t-rex ($29.99)

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TBH I’m sure you can find a lot of similar gifts at Amazon or even your local indie toy boutique (I always check them first) that sells specialty toy brands. But if you’ve got kids, nieces, nephews or grandkids who are familiar with the FAO brand, an FAO box or two gift wrapped under the tree brings a little extra holiday magic. Like the kid version of a Tiffany blue box.

Check out the whole holiday 2017 toy collection at the FAO Schwarz website now.