Kids’ to-do lists for winter are so different from ours: Play in snow, stomp in mud, refuse to come inside without bribe of hot chocolate. So kids’ winter coat requirements are different, too. They need warmth, serious durability (especially for those of us who rely on hand-me-downs for our younger kids), and of course, style.

So I’ve rounded up some of my favorite warm kids’ coats for kids, with a focus on the hearty ones that will keep them warm and dry all winter long. Because buying more kids’ winter coats than you need can really get you down. (Heh.)

Just be sure to check each one carefully and see which are waterproof and which are water-repellent. Because we imagine our southwest readers will have slightly different requirements for a winter coat than our friends in Minneapolis.

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Warmest kids' winter coats: The North Face Indi 2 Hooded Knit Parka

The North Face Indi 2 Hooded Knit Parka ($120, Nordstrom)

I love this sweater-knit coat because it blends style with substance. And yes, it has a price that supports that, but it’s built to last. That ribbed collar will keep out the snow, and I especially like that kids who are particular about fabrics will dig the fleecey insides. It runs a bit small, so order a size up — especially smart if you’ve got a second kid to hand it down to next year.

Warmest kids' winter coats: Sherpa-Lined Anorak by Boden

Sherpa-Lined Anorak Coat for Kids ($66, Boden)

Water-resistant on the outside, warm and cozy on the inside — even the hood — ahh. That’s truly the best of all worlds for kids’ winter coats, because there is nothing as miserable as the feeling of a cold, soggy coat clinging to your skin. This adorable version features dragons romping through those flowers, but there are five other cute, colorful patterns, including dogs and ducks.

Warmest kids' winter coats: Long Down Coat by Appaman

Long Down Coat ($124, Appaman)

Totally on trend with that metallic thing you’re seeing all over the place, this water-resistant coat also has a zip-off faux fur hood for those “but Mooooom! It’s not that cold!” days. But I especially love that this is a kids’ winter coat that’s on the longer side, so that thighs and tuckuses will stay warmer outside too — even during snow angels.

Warmest kids' winter coats: Down Tie-Belt Puffer Parka by Gap

Down Tie-Belt Puffer Parka (on sale for $77, Gap)

Here’s another long coat option (this time with a sassy waist tie and zipper arm pocket! Oh man. I’m such a sucker for pockets). This kids’ winter coat is filled with sure-to-keep-them-warm duck down, but I really like that the upper body is lined with microfleece for extra coziness. And I really, really like that this coat is on sale right now for $51 off the regular price.

Warmest kids' winter coats: Warmest Reversible Down Coat by Hanna Andersson

Warmest Reversible Down Coat ($120, Hanna Andersson)

This coat is super warm and water-resistant, so check and check. But it’s also reversible — which, as any parent knows, makes it basically two coats in one (and thus cutting down on the number of washing sessions it needs. You know it’s true). It comes in other patterns for girls and boys alike, like color blocked, pink flowers, and an outer space print.


Warmest kids' winter coats: Maine Mountain Parka by L.L. Bean

Maine Mountain Parka ($129, L.L. Bean)

This warm winter coat for kids (also at the top of this post) doesn’t hold back when it comes to taking care of our kiddos: It’s water-resistant, windproof, and has special velcro cinches at the waist, collar, and cuffs, which I love, because no cold can sneak in (and no warmth can sneak out). The coat comes in sizes and colors for girls, too.

Warmest kids' winter coats: Fishtail Parka by J.Crew

Fishtail Parka ($148, J.Crew)

This water-resistant kids’ winter coat has the insulation of a poly-stuffed puffer, but because it’s filled with down instead, it’s a lot less bulky. Which I think is critical for active kids who want to keep playing (um, so all of them); who wants to feel like Randy in A Christmas Story? This kids’ winter coat has the warmth and the flexibility. If you’re in colder climes with snowball fights on the agenda in pen, this may be your pick. Great styling, too.

Warmest kids' winter coats: Downlight Hooded Coat by Eddie Bauer

Downlight Hooded Coat (on sale for $69.30, Eddie Bauer)

I feel like if Eddie Bauer says this winter coat is their warmest for children, then you’ve got to trust that it’s so. I mean, their stuff is basically made for outdoor survival, right? The insulated hood is an awesome touch for the kid who refuses to wear a hat, no matter how cool it is. (And we all know a kid like that.)

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