My daughter has a pretty firm holiday wish list drawn up already, but I still want to find a few surprises to add in for her. Because it’s so much fun to watch the kids open something they weren’t expecting to get, especially when it’s something fun and cool that their friends don’t all have yet. Like these fun pop handbags I spotted while scrolling through Amazon.

I love that as outrageous as the styles are, they’re all practical (so she’ll actually use one) but also just the right amount of edge and clever.

Best of all, they’re all $20 or less. Whoo!

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Cool pop bags for girls: Rainbow backpack

Whether your kid is making a political statement or just channeling her inner Rainbow Brite, this clear rainbow backpack is cheery and fun. There’s plenty of room to stash all the lip smackers and friendship bracelets she’ll need for her playdate, too.

Cool pop bags for girls: Planet sling bag

For our science-minded girls who still love a little style, this pop planet bag is perfect. It’s bigger than you might think (scroll through the photos to see a woman wearing it, for scale), although she may have to carry her telescope separately.


Cool pop bags for girls: Unicorn Tears drink

If an actual unicorn frappuccino is just too much for you (and I’m with you there), then this unicorn tears frap bag is a brilliant substitute. My kid would use this one to stash her art pencils and markers. It’s the perfect size for that. Because hopefully she’s not collecting actual unicorn tears. That would be sad.

Cool pop bags for girls: Milk Carton crossbody

This milk carton handbag is fairly tiny, but customers are saying that it’s big enough to stash a phone and maybe a lip balm — which is all my tween would need for a night at the mall or a day at a football game with friends.

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Cool pop bags for girls: Clear hologram sling bag

If your child’s school requires them to have clear bags, as some do these days, then this clear hologram sling handbag is a great way to comply without being boring. Even without the rule, my daughter would love this pop bag because, holograms! It’s gotten solid reviews for its sturdy, well-made construction which is contrary to the cheap plastic you might expect for an affordable handbag like this one.


Cool pop bags for girls: Cassette tape wristlet

Gah, I can still remember my favorite mix-tape playlist, and this cassette tape wristlet brings back all the memories. It’s one I might snag for myself, in fact. I am a strong believer that you can never have too many fun accessories that make you smile.