Finally, we have proof that taking the internet’s most popular things and combining them all into one isn’t just a good idea. It’s a glorious one.

That proof? These insanely popular cat-mermaid necklaces by AGirlAndHerCat that everyone is coveting right now.

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Shop owner Sarah B. makes each necklace by hand with polymer clay, and she’ll customize yours to your exact specifications. Choose the color, tail shape, and (as you can see below) fantastic accessories like floral crowns or gold antlers.

You can even send her a picture of your own kitty and she’ll make a lookalike cat-mermaid — or, as she calls them, purrmaids, which is purrfect because the world needs more cat puns right about meow (heh).

Or, choose the cat-mermaid-unicorn, which is just purrfection.

Cat-mermaid necklaces: AGirlAndHerCat

Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming adorableness of these purrmaids, AGirlAndHerCat is currently booked solid with custom orders and a wait list of 300+. Whoa. So, let’s just say she is a bit under water right now.

But bookmark this one and follow her on instagram @ catandhergirl, because when she does come up for air, you can be first in line if you’re still interested in placing an order for your own cat-mermaid necklace.

(Dear Sarah B.: The answer is yes.)

To get in line for your own purrmaid ($30 each), head to AGirlAndHerCat’s Etsy shop (on a break to fulfill her zillion custom orders, but you can still get in touch via the site and wait your turn ever not-so patiently.)