Every holiday season, we parents want to give back to the teachers who spend the rest of the year giving so much to our kids. And, truthfully, finding the right teacher gift is hard.

Really, what gift strikes a balance between “thank you for all you do” and “sorry that mine is That Kid who keeps dumping glitter on the carpet?”

One distinct possibility: Homemade cookies imprinted with this sweet holiday cookie stamp for teachers that we recently spotted. So cool!

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Holiday gift idea for teachers: Cookies stamped with The Cookie Stamp Co.'s Teacher Thank-You Stamp

Of course you can’t bake each teacher as many cookies or fondant-topped cupcakes as they truly deserve (unless you have an at-home industrial kitchen and a pickup truck), but you can make the ones you deliver to them cuter and more special with this great holiday gift idea for teachers from The Cookie Stamp Co.

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I especially like that you can use it over and over again, year after year. Even for repeat teachers, and even for other occasions, like the last day of school, or Teacher Appreciation Day..

Because who will ever get tired of cookies saying how awesome they are? Not a teacher with glitter permanently embedded in her carpet, that’s for sure.

Give the gift of cookies to your favorite teacher with the teacher thank-you cookie stamp from The Cookie Stamp Co.