When it comes to holiday gifts for teachers, as a former teacher myself I know first-hand that there is no way to really thank the fantastic teachers of the world enough for all that they do. All day long. Every day. But there are still meaningful holiday gifts for teachers that I think start to do the trick.

And, take it from me, a gift with meaning doesn’t have to mean¬†it’s pricey. Truthfully, even when I received¬†a generous gift card to my¬†favorite book store, I usually used it to purchase more books for the classroom.

But really it was the handmade gifts that came with a heartfelt note from the student, that made me really proud to be a teacher.

So I decided to round up some awesome DIY holiday gifts for teachers from the kids that I am certain any teacher would love. Each idea is so cool and useful. And just as importantly, simple enough for kids to make themselves without too much help.

Top: Snow Day Survival Kit from The DIY Mommy

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DIY Chalkboard Library Book Tote

We think this Chalkboard library book tote idea from No Time For Flashcards the perfect addition to our list of DIY holiday teacher gifts.

I love this¬†DIY chalkboard library book¬†tote bag idea from No Time For Flashcards¬†for your favorite Language Arts teacher. All you need is a blank canvas tote from your local craft store, multi-surface black chalkboard paint, and her instructions. And of course, your own child’s creativity. I like that you can really personalize this in so many ways. Even toss¬†in a gift card to your¬†local book shop to help¬†your teacher get something they’ve really wanted for the classroom.


DIY Apple Mason Jar

These DIY Apple Mason Jars from the The 36th Avenue blog are so adorable and the perfect DIY holiday gift for teachers.

Yes okay, so we tend to recommend against “apple for the teacher” gift because teachers definitely do not need an apple mug or apple necklace or an apple sweatshirt. (Nooooo!) However I think these¬†DIY Apple Mason Jars¬†from the The 36th Avenue blog are adorable and useful and so easy to make. Fill the jars with candy, mints, or even a non-food items like cute paper clips or push pins. And hey, if apples seem too traditional, paint the¬†whole thing orange and keep the leaves!

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DIY Personalized Hand Sanitizer

This personalized hand sanitizer we found at Delia Creates is one of our favorite DIY holiday gifts for teachers.

The #1¬†requested donation item by my kids’ own teachers? Hand sanitizer for the classroom, with tissues close behind. In other words¬†anything that helps fight those nasty¬†germs will be greatly appreciated. And it’s easy to turn it into a more special DIY holiday gift for a teacher¬†when you personalize it with a¬†template like the one¬†I¬†found at¬†Delia Creates. Looks amazing! Or, just print out a tag that says something, like, We’re in good hands with Mr. Roberts.

If you’re really feeling crafty you can try¬†to DIY the actual sanitizing solution — but please know iit may not kill viruses like Covid.

I did find a lavender, tea tree, and frankincense oil hand sanitizer spray blend recipe at Hello Glow that willnot only de-germ, but hopefully de-stress too. Which is also something teachers need.

DIY Teacher’s Essentials Supply Gift Box

Add this to your list of DIY holiday teacher gifts! We think the Teacher's Essentials supply gift box from Hi Sugarplum will be unexpected and much appreciated.

Teachers always need supplies, and it’s just so wrong how many of them¬†need to spend their own money to¬†replenish their stash. So I love this idea of putting together your own¬†supply kit like this¬†DIY teacher’s Essentials gift box¬†I found at Hi Sugarplum. Just follow the instructions on her blog to make it look pretty, then¬† fill it with both useful items, like paper clips and erasers, and even¬†some fun items like candies. A special surprise like a nice pair of earrings might be sweet too if you know your teacher’s taste. (Just, not apple earrings!)

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DIY Painted Pot for a Plant

We love this hand-painted pot idea from Meri Cherry as a classroom teacher gift. Or, as a DIY gift from your budding artist.

I’ve always loved giving teachers plants¬†as a nod to¬†how they¬†help our kids flourish and grow. You can plant¬†succulents, herbs for cooking, or even a soothing lavender plant. Check out the¬†DIY painted pot¬†tutorial by Meri Cherry which turns a basic, inexpensive planter into a keepsake. If you need a great group gift from the whole class, you can even have each student contribute to a larger planter or sign their names or draw a doodle of their faces.


DIY Snow Day Survival Kit for Teachers

Make a snow day extra special for your favorite teacher with this DIY Snow Day Survival Kit from The DIY Mommy.

Think kids love snow days? Teachers are practically giddy when one gets called! (Not that you heard that from me.) If you’re in the north, or basically anywhere snow days are inevitable,¬†¬†I love the idea of putting together a¬†Snow Day Survival Kit¬†like this one from The DIY Mommy as a terrific DIY holiday gift for teachers from the kids. She even offers the¬†cute label as a free download. Fill it with essentials, like maybe something off your teacher’s Amazon wishlist? And depending on how well you know the teacher, you might consider adding a small bottle of Irish Cream to kick up the hot cocoa a notch. It is a snow day, after all.