If you’re clean out of gift ideas after shopping for everyone in your family and inner circle, print out the ultimate  pack of printable holiday gift tags from Caravan Shoppe, and then throw a few items in your Amazon cart. They not only make it so easy to put together thoughtful, practical, affordable gifts for neighbors and others on your list, they help you come up with some ideas in the first place!

The festive printable holiday gift labels are great for 10 different gifts from hot chocolate to soap, baked goods to Scotch tape and batteries, all with the aim of making practical items as Christmas-y as possible.

Or, just making your beloved homemade holiday cookies even more special than they already are.

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A printable holiday gift label pack for everything from soap to cookies, champagne to batteries

The pack is billed as a “neighbor gift tag pack” and I suppose some of it depends on how close you are with your neighbors. The soap idea is kind of cool. The label for bubbly (alcoholic or otherwise) is fantastic. But honestly, I don’t know that I’m going to gift anyone batteries or Scotch tape… though that may work out for you.

And hey, everything on this list beats fruitcake. Because, “Yay, we got another fruitcake!” is a phrase no modern family has ever uttered.

Download the whole ultimate neighbor printable gift tag pack for just $6 from Caravan Shoppe and get printing–and gifting!