Families with children who have special needs, or have been hospitalized for an illness or injury, face so many challenges. And this season, there are so many organizations asking for support, but one you may not know about is St. Mary’s Kids.

St. Mary’s is a one-of-a-kind, special place. They are the only post-acute children’s hospital in New York City, and since it was founded back in 1870, it’s the city’s oldest children’s hospital.

Every day they care for over 2,000 children with the most medically complex conditions, whether they’re recovering from major accidents and traumatic brain injuries, overcoming complications from premature birth, or learning to manage chronic conditions like cerebral palsy or HIV/AIDS.

And you can help.

By supporting the work of this nonprofit, whether through a year-end tax-deductible donation, or simply by engaging with them on social media and sharing their mission and accomplishments, you’re doing so much children who truly need it most — and their families too.

Meet Xavier from St. Mary's Hospital for Kids | Sponsor

St Mary's Hospital for Kids | Sponsor

St. Mary’s compassionate and highly skilled team of specialists develop truly individualized treatment plans that can most benefit children. So much so, St. Mary’s approach to care yields the highest outcomes by addressing the core issues affecting a child with special needs.

Your support during this season of giving may seem small to you, but it may mean the world to a whole lot of very special people.

This has been a sponsored message from St. Mary’s HealthCare System for Children. 

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