When we came across these and including them in our  Holiday Gift Guide to great DIY gift ideas, it’s because we knew they belonged on the Christmas tree of every self-respecting unicorn lover. Or anyone who needs a little boost from a joyful trifecta of Christmas ornaments: Unicorns! And glitter! And rhinestones!

Can you tell I’m excited about these fantastic DIY ornaments from Hello, Wonderful?

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DIY glitter unicorn ornament | Hello, Wonderful

I love how creative she gets with changing each one up a little bit, from the appliques and rhinestones on the outside, to the different colors on the insides. The black Sharpie eyelids are a genius alternative to attempting actual unicorn eyes. And the horns look like the biggest challenge, but she’s got some tips to help with that and the materials aren’t crazy at all.

Personally, I’d love receiving one of these magical baubles. But I’d be happy to make them to gift to friends and family too — and I’m sure plenty of your kids would love to help. The video tutorial makes it look surprisingly easy. And this time of year? I’m all for easy.

Find the tutorial for DIY glitter unicorn ornaments at Hello Wonderful.