Each year, we put together our editors’ picks for our favorite finds of the past year. This year, instead of sorting by category, we thought we’d pare it down our top 10 discoveries of 2017, and roll them out right up until New Year.

It’s been a tough year in a lot of ways, and we think it’s a wonderful way to find those little points of light that brightened our weeks and months, from the silly to the profound.

While our picks are in no particular order, it seems apt to kick them off with The Wonder Movie.

It’s not just that the movie is a lovely interpretation of everything we loved about the book, but how it’s brought its important themes of kindness, acceptance and friendship to a broader audience. That includes adults.

And hopefully, a love of the film will encourage even more readers to pick up RJ Palacio’s life-changing book. Because books are magic. And so is kindness. So we choose kind. And Wonder.

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